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SEGA missed out on the streak for this event -

SEGA missed out on the streak for this event –

There are some people who crusade for the indiscriminate use of Comic Sans. However, we are sure that in this case they too would recommend using this Line Instead of the one I used recently Sega To promote a somewhat exciting event Fantasy Star Online 2.

Do not believe it? Take a look at this picture:

The terrible artwork for Phantasy Star Online 2.

We’re sure you had to read carefully to understand that this is a final battle and nothing else. We have no idea how the idea of ​​using this font and those colors and graphics to sponsor the event came about, but we are sure that those who oversaw and approved the project have some vision problems, if they don’t notice that “FI” becomes “A”. Significantly distorting the meaning From the event. Unless April Fools’ is an extravagant off-season.

Anyway, for back to the topic, in case you are interested in Phantasy Star Online 2, SEGA announced That as of April 4, there’s an Ultimate Quest called The Final Battle: The Space-Time Space. Anyone with an ark above level 90 will be able to counter the Primordial Darkness in this final battle. With Fi, not A.

It looks like a fun event, although it is unlikely that more of this completely broken linear artwork will be made.

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