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Smart Tv

What you should know when buying it

Now everyone in the house has at least one smart TV, but nobody or nobody knows when to buy a downside that doesn’t have much significance.

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When buying a Smart TV The first thought goes to convenience and practicality. In fact, it’s like buying some kind of gigantic phone that allows us to surf Internet And download classics Applications That we have smart phone.

However, most people don’t realize that behind this beautiful and seemingly groundbreaking system, There are flaws that actually undermine the privacy of an individual user. Let’s try to understand what the whole thing is about without raising unnecessary worries.

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Smart TV: What You Need To Know When You Decide To Buy It

In practice, through An integrated system called ACR (automatic content recognition) is present in the televisions, and user preferences are revealed. Technically, it reads pixels for what we’re watching to improve the TV experience, but it actually goes much further.

The information is actually used for personalized advertising, Which appears to us later by a verdict Consent to data processing Authorized at the time of formation. For many, it can be annoying as they are then bombarded with content sites that, despite their similarity, can make them feel spied on constantly.

However, don’t worry, it can be treated quite simply, Just turn them off. A move that actually requires some applications. Each device has different ways to do this.

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In many cases, you simply have to go up User Agreements Or his Terms and Policies Then follow up withCancel the advertisement. In other cases, it can be more complicated and easy to navigate Internet Searching for the necessary help can definitely be a good way.