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“Berlusconi is a perfect lover, a little less of a friend.”

“Berlusconi is a perfect lover, a little less of a friend.”

Silvio Berlusconi was my first man. I have always found Berlusconi exceptional and fascinating. Even physically. Everyone has their own tastes, and I'm a perfectionist.” Francesca PascalBelfi's guest, in the interview with Francesca Fagnani answers a barrage of questions about her relationship with Silvio Berlusconi.

“I owe him complete gratitude, not only for the opportunity he gave me to realize my dreams. Berlusconi was the most important person. He was the best friend, the father I wanted, the perfect lover, and nothing less than a friend. He was also my teacher. I didn't feel the 49-year age difference until the end of our relationship, which had always been happily open. Obviously I was looking at his cell phone and papers…” he says with a smile.

“The dinner parties he decided to have, whether with beautiful women or not, he always went ahead with. Despite his acquaintances, he never lacked respect for me. I had no need to go elsewhere. I never hid my bisexuality from Berlusconi, and I have not yet become a lesbian… She adds: “He was always a great liberal, and he told me that he was also a bit gay… I didn't need to marry Berlusconi.” “I tried to stay close to him by trying to be myself. Was I being arrogant? I was a crazy, unbearable pain in the ass.”

Talking about starting dating. One evening Pascal receives a phone call from Berlusconi and thinks it is a joke. “I had to call him back but I didn't have money in my cell phone, I didn't have anything. I didn't even have money in my mother's cell phone… I called him for an SOS top-up… I was 20 years old.” “My parents were worried and curious too” when I started dating. “I was still going to do what I thought was right. They couldn’t stop me.”

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Talking about “myths”: “It is not true that I got 20 million euros “One time,” then “a million a month… all false.” And Putin’s “mythical Latvia?” It wasn’t real Latvia, it was a painting of Putin’s master bedroom. There was no real bed. Is it disappointment? Me too…”.

to regret? “I couldn't say goodbye. If I get to see him again, I'll give him a big hug.”