Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Open Foundation, Nordeo in the field: “Severe tests”


Justice Minister Charles Nordeau, in response to a question from Italia Viva regarding the investigation into the Open Foundation, he promised that the ministry he leads will undertake to investigate the indicated cases. “The facts presented at the hearing shall be subject to prompt and rigorous fact-finding investigation by the Inspector General. Later, the Ministry will carry out an in-depth evaluation of all the elements received to take necessary initiatives.Nordeo said.

As the minister underlined, the time to start the investigation will be quick.Fact-finding inquiry shall have full priority in the investigative process“. In his question, Matthew Renzi He highlighted and asked for an evaluation of Florence Perogura’s module operation, which, according to him, would have sent the investigation documents related to the investigation of the Open Foundation to Kopasir in full. “I am very satisfied with the minister’s reply. We do not doubt the absolute importance given to this case by the Minister as it concerns all citizens. I’m glad he’s a minister in a government we don’t support, whose faith we don’t vote for, but whose authority we recognize.“, announced Renzi following Carlo Nordio’s intervention.

The senator from Italia Viva, at the center of the open case, then added: “We’ve gone from a promising DJ to an official magistrate, starting with the fact that we’re in the opposition, and I say that without taking anything away from aspiring DJs.“In question time, Matteo Renzi clarified”The question is at a certain point open or not concerned about us, but those who follow us from home. The sentence of the Court of Cassation was overturned without delay A seizure was made against one of the suspects called Marco Karai“. But despite this, Renzi underlines, “The public prosecutor decided to take the material and send it to Gobasir“. Later, in a direct address to the Minister of Justice, Matteo Renzi declared: “For us, it is subversive or anarchist or frivolous. I exclude the latter of the other two and await your reply“.

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