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‘I put my face in this government. I want to do well, the moment is important and we will give our maximum commitment. Giorgia Meloni said this at a two-and-a-half-hour executive meeting of the Brothers of Italy. Among others, Andrea Delmastro, Ignacio La Russa, Fabio Rambelli, Raffaele Fito, Marcello Gemmato, Tommaso Fotti and Parliamentary Committee Presidents Luca Siriani and Francesco Lolobrigita were present.

In a clash with centre-right allies to form a new government, the FdI’s national executive has given party leader Giorgia Meloni a full mandate. It was announced by the parliamentary sources of the FdI that in the meeting, as there were many interventions, no names of possible ministers were mentioned, but an analysis of the priorities for the country was carried out.

The problem of choosing technical or political ministers: As far as the occasion, the objective is to build a team of top-level people. If the center-right coalition is not sufficiently strategized in a field, there is no problem in handing over the task to a technician. This is a view reiterated by the FdI’s president, Georgia Meloni.

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“If we have office, it will be a political government elected by the people With a clear political label as centre-right. And let us not impose or carry on the sling any names of personalities that are not equal, because I put my face to it, so that it would be a superior authority. “As we learn, this is the intervention of Giorgia Meloni, head of Fratelli in Italy, which was sent to the leaders of her party at today’s meeting, considering the next government.

As we know, Giorgia Meloni, president of Fratelli d’Italia, made it clear in her speech to the National Executive Committee. The situation regarding a possible next government group is still “very fluid”, although his aim is to act quickly as internal and international contingencies between the fiscal law and the energy crisis require it. As for the expensive bills, Maloney did not specify what kind of intervention would be in this sense (if, for example, a new aid mandate), although he underlined that the first effective and possible deadline in terms of time would be maneuvering. There may be temporary measures.
“In 70 days, on December 21st, the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Italian brothers will take place. Ten years ago we could not have imagined the goals we could achieve: we are proud to reap the fruits of hard work. With determination and perseverance, never taking shortcuts, we are today from 1.98% We became the first Italian party with 26%. This is what FDI President Giorgia Meloni would have said at the party’s national executive meeting. “After the vote, the leadership of the brothers in Italy gave evidence of style and seriousness – Meloni’s words, according to what we learned -: despite the historic victory, we did not celebrate because it was in the relationship would have been inappropriate. For the challenges of living in Italy, happiness and reasonable satisfaction immediately gave way to pragmatism and responsibility.

“We get a difficult situation: the delays of the PNRR are obvious and difficult to recover, and we know that this will be a deficit that does not depend on us, but will be told to us by those who decided it”. This is what FDI president Georgia Meloni said at the party’s national executive meeting.

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I do not understand that there is a veto on the arrival of Matteo Salvini at the Viminale, “However, we are going to this meeting to understand the film. Then Giorgia Meloni will inform you when she considers it,” said the vice-president of the FdI. Fabio Rambelli answered reporters before entering party headquarters. “Controversies? I don’t know where these controversies really are, three parties should form a government, it’s normal for them to discuss, I don’t really have any controversies, so I think things are going well,” Rambelli added, adding that those who asked him about the league’s “shopping list” in ministries Answered: “Everyone has a shopping list, I don’t think this can be mentioned as a problem. They have given signs that we will discuss. There is no tension – he added -, the justified attention of the media circle creates more tension than it really is”.

Rambelli: ‘I have no veto on Salvini at Viminale’

“We are talking about the historical phase of Italy and the world, and we are thinking about the big responsibility – said the group leader at the Chamber of FDI. Francesco Lolloprigida, the progress of the party’s national executive – which we will soon see working alongside Georgia Meloney. If so, we will try with discipline and responsibility to lead Italy out of the situations in which our citizens and our businesses find themselves. ” To those who asked him if the list of ministries indicated by the League was being discussed, Lolobrigita replied, “No, it is not the seat: Giorgia Meloni, if appointed by President Mattarella to form a government, will think in detail about the best people who can hold responsible positions and perform well. Respond immediately to the needs of Italians, then strategically. , how to restart our nation”.

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Lolobrigida: ‘If appointed by Meloni Mattarella, will think about ministries’