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Tornano le forti piogge entro sera

Next few hours, swing towards Italy, heavy rain again by evening; Areas at risk »

Weather: Flurry towards Italy during next few hours, heavy rain again by evening; Risk areas

Heavy rain again in the eveningThe chaos that goes, the chaos that comes! In next hour Another will come So the weather must deteriorate again: by evening they too will be back heavy rain In some of our regions.

In fact, there is no sign of closing the wound opened in the Atlantic in November, which has turned the atmosphere in our country into a rather stormy one, which has become the target of a series of hurricanes and Atlantic disturbances for several days. One of these is now de-energized and the other is ready to strike with its load Bad weather.

During the morning, a remnant cyclonic circulation attached to the previously disturbed front will bring some more rain to the northeast. Snow sprinkles on relatives Alpine reliefsaround 7/800 meters. In other parts of the country we will record a significant variation, but gradually increasing clouds over Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian sector, especially in the central part.
It is from the western part of our country that the first serious signs of degradation are visible. Already in the morning and until early morning Afternoon the rain It will start affecting some sections Campaniaof Lazio And Sardinia. In the evening, rain will gradually intensify over these areas, especially the LazioBut affect Tuscany Further south, significant overall rainfall is expected.
We can also clearly see from the graph below, which shows the distribution and amount of rainfall forecast for this Friday 2 December: in colored areas dark blue A near total is expected 40 mmWhile among those highlighted with light blue Accumulations cannot exceed i 10/15 mm.Rain is forecast for Friday, December 2Rain is forecast for Friday, December 2
An umbrella will be needed in the north, especially in Emilia Romagna and some snow will whiten the Alpine sector, especially the central-east. Mostly cloudy, but dry weather in other southern parts.

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All this is only a prelude to a more decisive deterioration, which will extend practically to the whole country by the weekend.
We will provide more details in our next updates.