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Ancora piogge nelle prossime ore e nuovo peggioramento entro Venerdì

In the next few hours, by Friday we will see areas at risk of a new deterioration, rain and even snow »

WEATHER: Over the next few hours, we see areas at risk for fresh downpours, rain and even snow by Friday

More rain in the next few hours and worse on FridayThe weather will continue to be very unsettled in some parts of the country during the next few hours. In fact, more rain and even snow is expected for a new deterioration by this coming Friday.

A recurrent cyclonic cycle in Italy is currently maintaining very unpredictable weather conditions with a driving force around the Ionian region, especially in the Ionian regions and some corners of the Adriatic region. In these areas next hour may still occur Light rain Although in the process of relaxing at the end of the day.

Other areas, on the other hand, will enjoy a decidedly dry and calm weather environment, where there are only a few clouds and hints from some misty banks in some parts of the Po Valley.
In short, on balance Jupiter is a day to wait in terms of bad weather New disturbance Starting and destined to cross our country On Friday.

Despite the fact that the rainfall forecast for Italy has softened slightly from the latest calculations, the day before the weekend getting worse Weather during the day. Some the rain Water the areas simultaneously North East with some snowfall On that day Alpine reliefs Also under i 1000 m. It goes on for hours The most decisive degradation would involve the Tyrrhenian regions of Center Again ionic region With increasing intensity of rain. Later, between evening and night, the disturbance will expand further to the east, leading to a more pronounced worsening of the weather in the rest of central Italy and much of the north.

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In the attached map, you can see the distribution and amount of rain expected for Friday, December 2. In colored areas dark blue They can fall up 40 mm It will rain in colorful areas Light Blue / Light Blue We will have accumulated precipitation all around 10/15 mm.Showers and accumulations are expected on Friday, December 2Showers and accumulations are expected on Friday, December 2

This will herald a very volatile start to the weekend for many parts of Italy. Follow the next updates for more details on the weekend weather.