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On Onda, “it will never happen.”  Conto judged Meloni and Covid – Il Tempo

On Onda, “it will never happen.” Conto judged Meloni and Covid – Il Tempo

Was it Giorgia Meloni’s half-hearted statement about vaccines? Was it what was expected? The double question was asked to Luigi Conto, Director of Ansa, during the January 2 edition of In Onda, the evening TV show La7 hosted by Mariana Abril and Luca Tellesi. The journalist analyzes the prime minister’s answers during the press conference at the end of the year: “In my opinion, it was a correct statement, that is, he said what was actually expected. They never will, but they should be thankful for the work previous governments have done. Because in any case, the centre-right, which has always had little qualms about enforcing rules, and that is certainly a complicated task for a government of this kind, and yet can boast of a better position. If we can say that there is no need to rush to get everyone vaccinated, it is because we have already done it and we are very vaccinated. Look how different the situation is compared to China, we are – as Conto stresses before concluding – more protected, but it is true that the Minister of Health immediately intervened to urge concern. Covid news is coming back, especially internationally, but we need to be very careful, fortunately we are in different circumstances.”