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Moscow sends the first warship with Zircon hypersonic missiles to the Mediterranean. Putin: “They have no rival”

frigateAdmiral Gorshkov“navy Russian President Vladimir Putin Prepare to cross the Strait of Gibraltar to get to The Mediterranean Sea Armed with hypersonic missiles zirconWhich the tsar recognized as the best in the world. “I repeat once again – he said last December 12 during the summit with the leaders of the armed forces – that our zircons have no competitors in the world.” On the same day, the head of the Kremlin announced the departure of the warship. But more recently, he was the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu To report that boarding operations have finished armsIn view of the “long voyage in the seas of the world.” The destination became official three days earlier tax Which, citing sources close to The Kremlin, confirmed the ship’s leading role in the Mediterranean team. This is a historic mission for the Russian Federation, because the Admiral Gorshkov is one of the most important ships for the Russian Federation. He flies, and because Zircon represents a technological precedent for the Russian fleet. These missiles are also known as 3M-22 Tsirkon, is designed to destroy the largest land and sea units – aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers – and is considered one of the most dangerous Russian-made weapons. The last test with zircon, according to what was announced by the Moscow Ministry of Defense – writes Reuters Distance covered approx thousand kilometers Their speed may be about nine or ten times the speed of sound.

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