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The NGO ship is already in violation of the decree: what are the risks of Geoparents?


Starting Wednesday, January 3, a new course for the Department of Immigrant Affairs will start. Yesterday, Sergio Mattarella signed the clause approved by the Council of Ministers on December 28th and immediately gazetted as of midnight on Wednesday January 3rd. The ship is expected to arrive in Taranto exactly tomorrow Geo Parents With 85 migrants who were cured by two interventions requested by the Italian authorities, as determined by the crew.

Therefore, the Geo Barents ship will be the first to comply with the provisions of the new government, but disobedience has already been announced by part of the crew of the NGO ship. Yesterday, in fact, the ship changed course in the direction of Taranto to attempt a third intervention after a signal from the Alarm Phone but, after patrolling the indicated area, resumed navigation towards the assigned port. This attempt was made with a port already assigned and without a request from the Italian authorities. So, according to the new directives, make one violation Even if it is not completed.

However, another element that the NGO seems intent on disrespecting is the one that stipulates the completion of asylum procedures on board the ship. The new decree states that NGOs applying for a port in Italy must fulfill asylum claims already on board. “Regarding the need to request formalization of refugee status request For the people on board, we’d prefer to see the final text of the decree so we can express ourselves and assess what needs to be done“, they say from the NGO. The decree is now in the Official Gazette, so the NGO has the opportunity to study the indications of the Italian government but at the moment they don’t seem to have any intention of complying. In fact, from the ship they named: “As we have always done, we provide survivors with all UNHCR materials to apply for asylumBut the decree states that applications must be transferred already on board the ship to a state Flying flag, it is not enough for immigrants to be provided with the form. Geo Barents flies the Norwegian flag, so asylum applications must be submitted before landing in Italy.

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The Geo Barents ship is the first teleportation ship Punishment In violation of the new commitments, which the NGOs do not seem inclined to respect. In recent days, some crews have complained about the Italian government’s new policies, which would increase the costs of NGO intervention. “The new decree-law of the Italian government is correct trap It is clear that their intention is to stop salvage work for the civilian fleet”, writes the NGO Maydayterraneo. So the Spanish NGO continues in its lament:“The decree stipulates the requirement to “settle without delay” in the direction of the port of discharge as soon as first aid is carried out, which will also take care of large ships that are prepared for several rescue operations over several days. If italy offers ports always up to date Sicilyand they have recently started doing this on the peninsula, which means days of navigation, more suffering and effectively prevents other rescues.“.

So, from the NGO that is arming the ship Aita MarieHe continues with a whimper:In the event that a port is not requested after first aid, the captains can be fined up to 10 thousand euros, with the possibility of impounding the ship for a period of 20 days. Up to €50,000 with the ship impounded in case of breaching the Code of Conduct and attempting to enter Italy without permission.“.


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