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Omigron variant: The first cases were discovered in Lombardy.  I'm in Milan, Lodi and Magenta

Omigron variant: The first cases were discovered in Lombardy. I’m in Milan, Lodi and Magenta

Lodi – The first case of the Omigron variant came in Lodi. Discovery a few hours ago in the laboratories of Sacco Hospital in Milan. In all, four cases were reported in Milan, Lodi and Magenta, the first being in Lombardy. These new cases testify to Cazerta’s eni manager, the first Italian patient to be infected with Omigran (three times more infected than Delta), who passed through Milan on November 27th. Variation from South Africa is also spreading in Lombardy.

Milan Ats is about to start now Trace and sequence of these four cases, With swabs in all contact with these patients with Omicron disease, as per protocol issued by the Ministry of Health. Lombard and Milanese health officials monitoring the new Omicron cases were not surprised to find a new variant that was “expected and predictable” as was happening across Europe and other parts of Italy. For now, however, there is no boom in cases. Even in the Lodi area, 93% of the population has been vaccinated with a single dose of the anti-Govt vaccine, but the situation seems to be under control.

New cases continue to rise, but the pressure on local hospitals is low. Only the emergency rooms of Lodi and Kodokno record some increase in access to patients with suspicious symptoms associated with viral infections. But nothing to worry too much about.

Instead, it has created some difficulties for Lodigiano’s general practitioners (but the problem is with the way Milan’s metropolitan areas use the white coats of all ATS) access to the portal for booking molecular swabs for patients suspected of being Govt. . White coats, until Saturday, could not book molecular swabs For patients with symptoms of goiter. The condition that lasts for two weeks. It also has significant consequences for people who are forced to resort to the private sector.

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“Our system has been blocked for two weeks,” explained Massimo Wajani, chairman of the Lodi Medical Commission., Underscores that many of the victims in the area, mostly entire families, but very few have been admitted to the hospital. “It’s about vaccines – Vajani – infection is on the rise, but hospital admissions are low. Symptoms are very mild.”