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US: House accuses attack on Congress of ex-White House chief of staff outrage

US: House accuses attack on Congress of ex-White House chief of staff outrage

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been charged by the Commission of Inquiry into the January 6 attacks with contempt of Congress. The Commission recommends that House prosecute Meadows for failing to cooperate and testify. The team voted 9-0.

Legislators want to test Trump’s efforts to thwart elections in the weeks leading up to the uprising and Meadows involvement. Liz Cheney, the commission’s vice president, cited a series of text messages received by Meadows on Jan. 6 from Fox’s Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and Donald Trump Jr during the attack. News reports calling for intervention to persuade the then US president.

“You must condemn this … as soon as possible,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote. “I do what I can. I agree,” Meadows replied. But, Trump did nothing. According to Cheney, Trump’s son insisted: “We need a message from the Oval Office. He needs to take matters into his own hands. It went too far and went out of hand.” All three of Fox’s TV stars bombed Meadows with news. “Please – Kilmeade wrote – it destroys everything you get”. “Mark – Ingraham wrote – the President should tell those in the Capitol to go home. He is damaging all of us. He is destroying his image.” “Can you issue a statement? – Hannity asked, referring to Trump – Can you tell people to leave the Capitol?”. Meadows has received dozens of other messages from congressional Republicans and staff trapped inside the besieged building. “Mark – one writes – protesters have entered, they are destroying windows and doors. Will Trump say anything?”.

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