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Omicron variant: New Year's events skipped.  Rome also cancels the party

Omicron variant: New Year’s events skipped. Rome also cancels the party

Milan – spread alert varante Omicron It begins to show its effects also in Italy, both in the front of the Contagion So measures. Yesterday the Cabinet officially State of emergency extended until March 31, And with it the validity of the Green Corridor, just as the Ministry of Health decreed the need for a negative barrier to return to Italy also from EU countries, as is currently in force with the United Kingdom: Decision It was noted today by Prime Minister Mario Draghi (“There is not much to think about,” he said today in Parliament) but it ended up in the center of the EU’s attention: “Member states are obligated to inform us of any restrictions on domestic travel, which must be measured and justified, but we have not received any notification from Italy.”

In the meantime, municipalities and districts are also moving in, and many are starting to jump assignments Scheduled for the last night of the year. Parties in the squares in Campania and in Liguria, concerts live only a Barry and Turney, all cancel a mantovaAnd There are no Christmas markets in Trentino. The latest news is that Concert for Circus Maximus in Rome: Yesterday it was assumed that the event, which was supposed to see the attendance of Clemente Zard, Tommaso Paradiso, Quiz and Blanco, could have been redesigned with only less capacity and seats, and today instead, communication has been made from the consultant for major events, sports and tourism in the capital Rome, Alessandro Onorato: “Everything was ready to celebrate the New Year in splendid style and to return Rome to the center of major events. Our priority is to maintain health and it should be of the Romans and the avoidance of gatherings that could aggravate the situation of an epidemic and which, although controlled, present troubling aspects. For this reason, after also listening to the opinion of the relevant and conservative authorities, we are forced to cancel the New Year’s party. ”

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