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‘Not only Formula 1 and football’, what other sports do Austrians take on – Libero Quotidiano


Claudio Savelli

success secret Red Bull In sports, strategy is what drives action. The multinational popular Austrian energy drink not only sponsors teams or stables but buys them, builds one sustainable business model, which leads them to success. An organized success now, as evidenced by the victory of Verstappen-led Red Bull in Formula 1, capable of interrupting Mercedes’ seven-year dominance: it is also the team’s fifth world championship to “give you wings”, after the four from Vettel between 2010 and 2013, proving that The project was not born yesterday, and indeed, it did lead to victory in a rather immediate way. Red Bull The road to success is more concerned than the success itself. The means is more important than the end. Because, in this way, the company keeps the promise its product makes: giving athletes wings. It’s (almost) all marketing – it’s estimated to spend about $1 billion a year on its own brand projects – but it’s not just marketing: Red Bull Communication intersects with entrepreneurial projects.

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He started in 2005 by buying the home team Salzburg, which has been alive since 1933: today it is a big European club, so much so that it will challenge Bayern Munich in the last 16 after finishing second in the group (while in Austria it is comfortable at +14 on Sturm, second) . At every football club, Red Bull imposes the same structure: strong scouts, “graduated” coaches and systems managers. And he also does it in hockey: Today I am Red Bull Salzburg is the strongest team in Austria on the ice. In 2006 he arrived in the United States, where he bought a historic New Jersey MetroStars and turned it into the New York Red Bulls. Captivate the crowd with a new stadium (Red Bull Arena) and discounted ticket prices, making team matches the cheapest nationwide major sporting event to watch in New York. The model works but Red Bull experiences.

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In 2007 he did not buy a club in crisis to relaunch, but founded a club in São Paulo from scratch, RB Brasil: he had not yet managed to get into the first division. The same idea applied in Ghana, however, was declared bankrupt in 2014. In 2009, the leap is on the rise: he bought a small team from the outskirts of Leipzig registered in the German Fifth Series, SSV Markranstadt, which already includes a stadium since it was built for the 2006 World Cup and a basin East Germany. In 2016, he was already in the first division and for years was a direct competitor to Bayern Munich, having now sold him to Nagelsmann, the prodigy coach who led Leipzig to the semi-finals of the European Champions 2020. Salzburg can count on the second team since 2012, Liefering, in turn is Leipzig Laboratory, the stable. Now the balance of power has been reversed (Leipzig in the European League), which confirms the flexibility of the model. In 2019, Bragantino, a second-tier Brazilian side, signed to restructure the club while yesterday also relegated to sailing: in fact, Red Bull will join their ranks. With Alinghi, a two-time America’s Cup winner, For the next edition of the Cup, as announced by founder Ernesto Bertarelli and two-time Olympic champion Hans Peter Steincher.

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And again: two rally teams, three motorcycles, one NASCAR, one ski and one surfing, for a total of eleven teams in 15 different sports. Over 500 athletes sponsored from various disciplines (Peretini in tennis, LeBron number one in the padel) and about 600 sporting events around the world, most of them extreme, among them Red Bull Cliff Diving, a diving competition on a platform nearly 30 meters high in the most locations or Events contrast Like launching Felix Baumgartner from space Which broke the sound barrier in 2012. Thus Red Bull creates a self-reinforcing system, doubling the brand indefinitely. Thus, a small Austrian company founded in 1987 sold 7.9 billion cans in 2020, employing more than 12,600 employees, and its sales increase by 4% compared to 2019, for a total of 6.307 billion euros. All this despite the fact that energy drink consumption has been heavily criticized several times over time. But Red Bull Overcoming problems through sports, Capitalizing on success in this field, and by metaphor, tease the idea that a can of energy drink really gives wings.

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