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Omicron 5, let’s see what the risks are for those who only swab and those at home who are positive »

Covid: Omicron 5, let’s see what the risks are for those who swab only and at home and this is positive

Let’s see what those who take the survey at home riskMany tests are negative for a home swab even when You have symptoms of COVID. according to Fausto Baldantihead of the Laboratory of Molecular Virology in San Mateo di Pavia, we must consider that they are there Lots of tampons are made independently.
Withdrawal is very annoying and those who do it themselves tend not to go too deep into it. This is why the results of tests on the same person can be different. It is not uncommon for those testing themselves or a relative to make a mistake to prevent the swab from being bothered.

Always with Dante in the newspaper Republicmake it clear “Molecules are obviously much safer. However, there is a third generation of antigens that have a high sensitivity”. The reference is The so-called immunological testsFluorescence, which does not use normal soap bar Where two lines appear if there is a positive. “Anyway, these tampons are rarely used at home.”

For Baldanti it is the same “It is positive that people test themselves, that there is awareness of this event and the problem. But unfortunately, if you do everything at home, the chain of infection is blocked.”
Those who test positive for DIY should go to the pharmacyto the doctor or to the ASL for a swab for confirmation. “Otherwise there may be problems. The main problem is that People who know they are positive get out anywayAnd the Maybe with the mask.

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What are the symptoms of Omicron 5? For Baldanti, the good news is that there is almost no critical loss of taste and smell. Manifestations are mainly concentrated in the upper respiratory tract. To increase the likelihood of developing fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches.