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Number of strikes, defying unions.  Salvini: Common sense wins

Number of strikes, defying unions. Salvini: Common sense wins

The battle of numbers is certainly not missing for today’s strike. This usually happens with results that are never shared. During the day’s protest, controversies reached an all-time high, especially over the traffic stoppage, given the clashes between the government and the trade unions. Matteo Salvini, the protagonist of the fierce confrontation with the unions, is happy. He expressed “great satisfaction” at the limited participation in the strike from the transport sector. “I did not defeat Landini, but it was a victory of common sense: without stopping millions of Italians, a minority had the opportunity to demonstrate justly,” explains the minister. CGIL and UIL’s assessment is the exact opposite, speaking of full squares and empty offices “in response to an unreasonable budget law and against traffic restrictions imposed by Salvini”. According to the calculations of the organizers, about 60 thousand people gathered under the stage in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Two paper bombs also exploded in the crowd. The responsible person, the unions said, was unrelated to the demonstration. He was detained by security forces of both federations and handed over to the police. No one was injured.

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The crash didn’t stop the confederates from cheering for what they defined as a major victory. In the central regions, participation in the protest crossed the 70% threshold. Transport participation is very high despite the mandate imposed by Minister Salvini, with limits of 100% on ports, 70% on local transport and 80% on logistics. “Extraordinary” data, the unions comment, but Salvini insists: “Regular transport in the entire railway network, with about 5% membership, high-speed trains are not canceled, less than 16% membership of regional trains.” A real failure according to the head of the league. In Barry he best defines his satisfaction. “I am proud that today 20 million Italians can move freely throughout the country. The right to strike – he reiterates – is sacred, no one questions it or questions it, but work, health, study and movement are equally sacred. Today at 9 am The first has the right to strike up to 1 p.m., and he is right to assume that he observes it and observes it.

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