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Is your car spying on you?  America says it’s okay!

Is your car spying on you? America says it’s okay!

Is your car spying on you? America says it’s okay!

RHC Editorial Board November 17, 2023 07:54

By early November 2023, the U.S. Federal judge He has decided Do not reopen A class action lawsuit Accordingly Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors Violates Washington State Privacy Laws.

According to the charge sheet, it is used by automakersOn-board infotainment systems their vehicles Record and intercept private text messages and call logs from connected cell phones.

A Seattle appeals judge ruled that the practice Unlawful invasion of privacy threshold not met under state law. The defendants in the case, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors, won five related class action lawsuits. One of those cases, against Ford, was previously dismissed on appeal.

Plaintiffs in four pending cases appealed the judge’s earlier ruling. However, in early November 2023 An appeals judge ruled that intercepting and recording cellphone activity does not meet the standard of Washington privacy law. You must prove that your business, identity or reputation has been compromised.

A reason Tried v. Honda said in 2021 that the company’s vehicle systems began automatically downloading and saving copies of all text messages from connected smartphones starting in 2014.

Perla Corporation of Annapolis, Maryland, is listed as a supplier of this technology to some automakers. According to the indictment, Perla’s software prevents access to car owners’ data, but allows law enforcement access.

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Also, many car manufacturers are told Sell ​​vehicle owner data to advertisers as a way to increase revenue. Second Recorded Futures NewsAutomakers increase the number of sensors in vehicles every year, but the process is poorly controlled.