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Not only in fairy tales, dragons also exist in nature – the rarest and most magnificent species

Not only in fairy tales, dragons also exist in nature – the rarest and most magnificent species

Dragon doesn't exist? Well, some species are very similar to the creatures that have dominated popular culture for centuries.

Mythical creatures, majestic species that arouse fear and fascination – Kant Doucet. World literature has educated our imaginationWhich allows us to imagine wonderful plots that go beyond the concept of reality. Dragons, as well as unicorns, centaurs, dwarves, and the like dominated the works of medieval writers and the texts of inspired artists for centuries.

Dragons and fairy tales, what is the truth –

However, at the end of reading the novel, it will be appropriate to return to Earth. Dragon doesn't exist? Ironically, the scientific community is categorical on this matter. However, there are species that can easily resemble fire-breathing creatures that are inaccessible. Lizards, reptiles, and bright red specimens, resemble the shapes described in popular culture.

Dragons exist even though they do not breathe fire

They do not spit fire from their jaws nor dominate the sky, but there are species that closely resemble the fantastic creatures described in Japanese culture and medieval literature. In eastern India, for example, hidden among the rocks of the Western Ghats, scientists have discovered a new specimen of… Kangaroo lizard: A reptile that is only 11 cm long and is able to move on two legs. The claws and pointed snout inevitably generated comparison, often Defined as “little dragon”. The same goes for Sea snail, Renamed “Blue Dragon”which is nothing but a nudibranch, about 6 cm long.

Komodo Screen, renamed “Komodo Dragon” –

The platform is certainly the closest example to the collective imagination of the dragon Komodo Monitora Giant lizard that inhabits the Indonesian islands Which can reach speeds of about 20 km/hour. It is a deadly species that kills its prey thanks to its sharp teeth and the poison it secretes. Moreover, they are among the few specimens that feed of their kind. In general, in fact, the adults attack the young, so much so that – when analyzing the habitat in which they live – the smallest brood is difficult to detect.

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Finally, there is – Sweet at the bottom – Somebody Types of “flying dragon”. It's about to Asian and Indian lizards, which manages to blend perfectly with the environment until its magnificent wings appear. We are talking about a powerful batagi, thanks to which the specimen is able to slide down trees, getting to the nest, as well as any defenseless prey. There are more than 50 species of flying dragon, most of which dominate Southeast Asia and eastern India. These are definitely not Daenerys Targaryen's “children” (the famous protagonist game of thrones and the “mother” of dragons), but they still boast the same magic and scientific importance.