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Not just Kate, Queen Camilla lights up Wimbledon, everyone loves the all-white look


It was Queen Camilla who stole the show even from Kate Middleton who convinced everyone with her looks!

London buzzes around Wimbledon and especially the royals are at the forefront in one of the most anticipated events of the year, so much so that Windsor has reserved the royal box just for them. This is a private fund within the Central Court for the royal family and their closest relatives. However, being attached to the English crown is not always enough to obtain preferential treatment.

Make way, Queen Camilla arrives at Wimbledon and lights everyone up with her looks! – (Source ANSA) –

A few years ago, in fact, Carol and Pippa, Kate Middleton’s mother and sister, arrived at the match that started – Andy Murray and Benoit Bayer challenged each other – and so They had to settle for the standard seats Precisely because the private stand could no longer be accessed according to the strict rules of the All England Club.

And speaking of the Royal Fund, in addition to the Princess of Wales who, as a tennis fan, lit up the runway next to her old friend Roger Federer with some, she also shot a video in the previous days to learn more about one of the most popular sports in the world, as the Queen, Camila certainly couldn’t fail to attend Wimbledon.

Camilla at Wimbledon conquers all those present with her grace and elegance

And so, along with her sister Annabelle, Camilla was spotted at the All England Club to watch the tournament. On the one hand, Carlo is largely absent, but on the other hand, the King is not a fan of tennis unlike his daughter-in-law who has also been the sponsor of the UK’s most prestigious tennis tournament since 2016. It was Elizabeth II who gave her this role knowing her love for sports in general.

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Kate Middleton outfit
Event godmother since 2016, Kate Middleton is always eagerly awaited at Wimbledon – (IG Source: princeandprincessofwales) –

However, if you thought that even on this occasion, Camilla was forced to back off, leaving room for Kate, you’d be sorely mistaken. It is certainly not a mystery, in fact, that Princess always attracts attention to herself As a symbol of elegance and elegance in the style of Lady Diana.

Thus, during the first official visit as King and Queen, it was Kate and not the Kings who were the real protagonists of the event. during the Chelsea flower showIn fact, nothing has been done but talk about Middleton. And the next day, even newspaper headlines were mainly devoted to the Princess rather than the King Much to Carlo’s disappointment Who really does not want to live again in the shadow of the Princess of Wales.

The dress Camilla chose for Wimbledon has been all over social media

But this time, perhaps because it is also a heterogeneous tournament revolving around not only the royal family but also celebrities and dignitaries from around the world, such as Chiara Ferragni who attended Wimbledon as a special guest at the event, even Camilla was not only not overshadowed by Kate’s huge presence, but She was also praised for her choice of style.

Camila's dress
For the occasion, Camila wore a white Fiona Clare dress with thin black stripes and a slightly pleated skirt – (IG Source :theroyalfamily) –

In fact, the Queen She wore a white Fiona Clare dress (one of her favorite brands) in thin black stripes and a slightly pleated skirt. To enrich this plain and simple outfit, Camila combined the dress with a bag from Bottega Veneta, thus la color in this envelope, and a pair of sunglasses from Izipizi with multicolored frames and a round shape.

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Beautiful! Queen Camilla is absolutely gorgeous and I love her genuine natureOne user wrote below the photos posted by the royal family’s official profile. Camila is gorgeous as alwaysadded another. “she’s perfect!Finally, a third person commented.

Is there always a shadow of Kate Middleton in everything Camila does?

However, the most attentive note how inspired Princess Camilla was. His dress, in fact, is very Similar to the one Kate wore last year During a traditional charity polo match. For the occasion, Kate wore a white dress with black borders by Emilia Wickstead which is very reminiscent of the look chosen by the Queen.

Kate and Camilla's relationship
The most attentive observers noted how Camilla would have copied the look from Kate – (source ANSA) –

In short, despite the recent friction between the two, Kate is actually during the coronation ceremony She did not bend as Camilla passed by Due to the limited number of guests inside the convent imposed by the Queen, the King knows how much he loves the Princess and drawing from her “wardrobe” was a really good idea!

And speaking of reverence, No one at Wimbledon bowed before Camilla, despite being Queen Consort of the United Kingdom. How is that possible? Indeed, the twenty-year bowing rule was abolished at the request of the Duke of Kent. The club’s president at the time, the Duke found the practice ritualistically archaic. Thus, no tennis player is obliged to bow before the kings.

However, there are exceptions that prove the rule. Indeed, all the athletes always bowed before Queen Elizabeth and also to Charles, precisely because he was the King, similar treatment would be reserved. But not only. During the award ceremony, the winners received their awards from Kate Middleton and In this circumstance reverence is obligatory This does extend to Camilla though.

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