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'Nick Luciani threatened Nicholas Vaporidis' / Eduardo shocks Al Jazeera: 'He wanted to hit him'

‘Nick Luciani threatened Nicholas Vaporidis’ / Eduardo shocks Al Jazeera: ‘He wanted to hit him’

Did Nick Luciani threaten Nicholas Vaporidis? The background lives on the island

Nick Luciani against allCelebrity Island 2022. The scales have shifted and controversies this week have pitted the group against its rural cousin. However, it seems that something very serious has happened behind the scenes, which was revealed live Eduardo Tavasi. Gwendolyn’s brother is, in fact, talking about Threats allegedly made by Nick to his friend Nicholas Vaporidis.

You have completely changed – Eduardo began naming him, thus recounting the scene of the indictment- Or come out with what it really is and I assure you I saw a scene a little while ago, here, where Nick went face-to-face with Nicholas and said something like “Look, I love you”, we hit sti levels!

Edoardo Tavassi vs Nick Luciani on Celebrity Island

For Edoardo Tavassi, Nick Luciani “He’s unrecognizable, he’s a sensitive person, he doesn’t regret just making a mistake because the mistake is human, and he didn’t say sorry.” He concludes, therefore, by revealing another background that occurred shortly before, during the episode of The Celebrity Island: “And when Carmen said to him ‘Look, I’m sorry I made that joke I only heard my soul say’, it was a joke, to apologize she gave him her hand and turned around and gave her nothing but a number. All really bad things.”

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