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Isola dei Famosi, la mamma di Edoardo Tavassi svela: “Quando stava con Diana del Bufalo…”

“When he was with Diana del Buffalo…”

Eduardo Tavasi’s mother, an outcast from Victory’s favorite L’Isola dei Famosi, recalled the relationship between her son and actress Diana del Buffalo.

Eduardo Tavasithanks to irremediable good humor and always ready joke, among competitors The most popular of the current version ofFamous Island. brother Gwendolyn landed in Honduras with the label A solid one looking for loveHowever, it cannot be said that yet Saucepan smiled at him.

However, in his book pastthere former Beautiful and famous. Let’s talk about Diana Del Buffalosinger and actress Thirty-two Recently seen in the second edition of lol – who laughs outside. they Date It started soon rest time between Diana And the historical companion Paolo Ruffini And it didn’t last few months. Previous The student From Maria de Filippi’s friendswhen announced end of relationshipspent wonderful words to Edward. “He was a guardian angel – he wrote on his profile Instagram – without him I wouldn’t have reached growth and recovery. It’s as if someone sent it to me… People have never randomly entered their lives. I will not say that our story is over, nothing ends … I know it sounds silly to some of you Breakup without a catastrophic reason But it also happens that life gives you great teachers and that then they have to teach somewhere else. We are ok!”

Eduardo Tavasi’s mother revealed: “He and Diana del Buffalo are excellent friends but…”

Emanuela Foenhopefull Guendalina and Eduardo Tavasitalk about Relationship between son and Diana Del Buffalo Between the weekly pages Mine. The two met through mutual friends She attended between 2020 and 2021. Her failed mother-in-law, according to her opinion formulationsHe misses the sparkling wine so much performer:

I liked them very much together, and I saw them being so close-knit and cute. She still had some unresolved things about her background And she was not completely free to part with this relationship, but they remained on good terms. They hear and see often. I would have loved her so much as her daughter-in-law […] They are good friends now but Welcome back if the torch!

Meanwhile, onFamous IslandAnd the Eduardo Tavasi getting closer and closer to Mercedes Hingeralthough he made it clear that he wanted to wait until the end reality show To deepen knowledge. However, it will arrive tonight palapa Historic Crush of the Roman Castaway: Sully Sorge! What will his reaction be?

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