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New Swiss Festival in Saalbach, the last race goes to Rogenten in Maillard and Poisset, and the Trophy in Odermatt

New Swiss Festival in Saalbach, the last race goes to Rogenten in Maillard and Poisset, and the Trophy in Odermatt

The race is conditioned by intense heat, low numbers make the difference, and Stephane Ruggentin takes his first victory in CdM, on an all-Swiss podium. Audi takes fifth place (enters the Swiss Sarazin), and advances for another crystal ball. Paris are good for sixth place, and Bosca's dream of a top three finish is fading.

Red Cross Super-G Final, even if on a sporting level we saw a decidedly uneven race, as the snow no longer held, especially at the top, after the first steps.

In Saalbach, the season ends, at the specialty level, with the first World Cup victory for Stefan Rogten (fastest here in the downhill race two days ago), a second podium finish after last year's second place in Wengen, and an all-Swiss podium finish. , given that Loic Meillard is in second place by only 3 hundredths (and is guaranteed a place of honor in the General, which already belongs to him anyway) and Arnaud Poisset, in the top three for the first time, completes the ceremony at 15 cents from the winner.

In fact, in the “mini-tumble” on the snow at the 2025 World Championships, Marko Odermatt also rejoiced: There were few doubts about winning a second consecutive Super-G Cup, with a 81-point lead over Kriechmayer, in any case with a fifth place. Last place did not reach the 14th seal of the season for the Nidwalden phenom, but on Sunday he could write history, 24 years after Hermann Maier, with a game of crystal balls if he can hold off Cyprien Sarrazin.

The same Transalpine, which returns to racing today after Kvitfjell's injury, is an excellent fourth at 0″59 from Rogentin, who started with the number 6 when there was still time to do (then good Stefan did his best, God forbid someone else)), It is no coincidence that Millard wore No. 4 and Poissette wore No. 5.

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Odermatt, at the fifteenth gate, will take fifth place, 0″64 behind his teammate, ahead of his direct rival Krechmeier, in sixth place, 0″76 ex-aequo with Dominique Paris, who is running a good race considering his number (13) and was found the snow.

Behind the best Italian, by a hundred, were Gino Caviezel and then Jeffrey Reed, fresh off the podium in Caviteville, with Guglielmo Busca tenth at 0″82. The odds of overtaking Haaser for third place in the major are fading, but what a fantastic season for “Gogo”, who remains behind the Austrian (day 13, with Goldberg and Allegri also ahead of him) by 41 points and overtaken by Rogenten, with the final fifth place worth a lot.

Another bitter race for Mattia Cassi, who will have his last chance in two days with the downhill (even if the weather forecast is worrying in that sense), who started in 17th place when the situation was already very difficult and who won the points at least in the region, 15 degrees at 1 '40 ahead of newcomer Max Berathoner who, as world junior champion in the discipline, with a score of 23 (last at the start) would close at 2'96.

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Men's Super-G Finals – Saalbach

First is Stephane Rogentin at 1'13'36

2° Loïc Millard + 0”03

3° Arno Poisset + 0”15

4° Cyprian Sarrazin + 0”59

5° Marco Odermatt + 0”64

6° Vincent Kriechmeier + 0”76

6° Dominique Paris + 0”76

8° Gino Caviezel + 0”77

9° Jeffrey Reed + 0”80

Guglielmo Busca x+0”82

Mattia Kaas XV + 1”40

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22° Max Perathoneer + 2 inch 96