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Treviso goes to Glasgow, Zebras Challenge – OA Sport . postponed


United Rugby League is back and this weekend’s European matches will take place for the 12th day (The South African derbies were held last weekend), with Benetton Treviso to be held in Glasgow. On the other hand, Zebri Parma’s transfer to Cardiff has been postponed.

The match between Cardiff Rugby and Zepri Parma has been postponed due to bad weatherEspecially the high winds sweeping the southeast region of the United Kingdom. Weather conditions making the outdoor match dangerous for the Federal franchise, therefore, the match was postponed to a later date.

Instead the match will take place in Glasgow where Benetton will arrive in Treviso on Saturday afternoon. Venice arrives on time after the draw at the end of January in Newport and the break due to the Six Nations. Many absences from both teams, specifically in light of the continental championship that will return to the scene in a week, but it represents a very important challenge for both teams in terms of qualifying.

Rugby, Italy squad for the match against Ireland in the 2022 Six Nations Championship

The Scots are currently in third place overall rankings and are back from four consecutive successes, while Benetton Treviso is eighth In the last five matches, he achieved two wins, two defeats and a draw in Newport. Thus, conquering the points in Glasgow will be key to the sons of Marco Portolami who want to cement their place in the top eight, meaning those deserving of access to the next playoffs and the Champions Cup.

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For the Glasgow match, choose Marco Portolami An overgrown triangle formed with Tommy Bell as the far, while the wings would be Reno Smith on the left and Lorenzo Bani on the right. In the middle are Filippo Drago and Joaquin Riera. The medium is run at the opening by Thomas Albornoz and Alessandro Garbessi in Scrum. The green and white package shows Argentine props Thomas Gallo and Nahuel Tetaz in the foreground, after Giacomo Nicotera. In the second line, the South African couple was formed by Captain Ernie Herbst and Karl Wegener. Scrum has been upgraded with the third streak made up of editions Manuel Zuliani and Yaree Fantini, making their green and white debut. The third midfield will be Lorenzo Cannone.

Photo: Mattia Radoni – LBS


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