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New daytime entertainment programs were introduced on Rai 2. “Does this seem normal to you?”  With Pierluigi Pardo and “In Your Shoes” with Mia Ceran

New daytime entertainment programs were introduced on Rai 2. “Does this seem normal to you?” With Pierluigi Pardo and “In Your Shoes” with Mia Ceran

Rai 2's new daytime entertainment programs were introduced at a press conference.

Starting October 15, “DOES IT SEEM NORMAL?” will be broadcast. Hosted by Pierluigi Pardo, every Saturday at 2pm. A game show that satirically examines the customs and trends of the Bel Paese region, redefining the concept of normalcy in a witty and light-hearted way. Adapting the international formula “Are you normal?” It was launched with great success in the United States by the producers of the Oprah Winfrey Network.

“I really liked the way Pierluigi Pardo talks about sport, he is a new character joining Ray and I must say I hope he will also find his way into the hearts of a younger, more male audience which we have perhaps lost a little in recent years.”said director Simona Sala.

“I was at the Rai Production Center in Naples for the first time and I was amazed. I discovered that inside it there were pictures that told the story of this great company. I accepted Rai's invitation with great enthusiasm. The project is to investigate the customs, vices, qualities and virtues of Italians thanks to Dr. Ghisleri who will be with me in all the episodes. It will be Some questions are serious, others are trivial, but together they will tell the real world of our country. It is also a game with a prize pool. In the first episode that will be broadcast on Saturday, we will have guests Ciro Ferrara and Angela Rafanelli, it will be an exciting challenge, a kind of instruction to use points, not money, To explain the format to the public. Pierluigi Pardo said.

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“It was a pleasure and also an opportunity to participate in “Does this seem normal to you?” because my job is to study the underbelly of the nation and the behavior of our citizens. It was very interesting, it is a project that allows you to discover what Italians are like even starting from the simplest things. It was Pierluigi's pace is wonderful and tight“, added Alessandra Ghisleri from Euromedia Research.

From October 17, from Monday to Friday, at 5 pm, it will be with “NEI TUOI PANNI” hosted by Mia Ceran. An immersive experience, an original format based on documentary languages ​​and every week will bring together members of a contemporary family of all kinds to participate, competing with each other. Each of them has its own problems that must be faced and tried to solve.

“Through ‘In Your Shoes’ we reflect society, there will be single-parent extended families and Rainbows, a show hosted by a pregnant Mia and that pregnancy will grow over the course of the episodes.” It is an exceptional situation he is in and he will also continue the program with his personal experience. “With Mia, we also work on an original podcast called ‘In Your Shoes’, once a week.”“Director Sala said.

“Having started my family a year ago, I thought it was important to put them at the heart of this program. The first champions will be the Burzottas. We imagined asking some families to take turns, to try to spend a day in someone else's shoes who might not feel like they understand us. These same people will come To the Rai music production center, in Sempione in Milan, in our studio set up as if it were a house where they will find more qualified experts, from the psychotherapist to the educational psychologist who will tell us how to change, what are the right attitudes. Human relations are created With the families which we hope we can pass on to the audience as well. The theme song is sung by Alva, and tells the vision of a 20 year old young man on a topic that is dear to us. We live at a fast pace and we all have complexes to untie, the generosity of these families is that they are willing to put themselves in other people's shoes In front of the cameras and I hope this exercise can be done even without continuing on TV. From the moment I went from being a daughter, focused on work, to being a mother, I began to look differently at my mother and other people in my family who take care of my son, and the harmony I have at home is My most valuable possession. Something that might be thereMia Ceran said.

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Two proposals outline an entertaining, intelligent and informative journey, telling the story of Italians, with Italians, their way of thinking, living and facing everyday life.

Two new projects have been added to the Rai 2 schedule and will be enriched in the next few days with the launch of three more programmes:
– “TOP EVERYTHING THAT IS TRENDING”, the magazine dedicated to fashion, customs and excellence made in Italy, lands on Rai 2, in a new time slot, hosted by Greta Mauro: “Our program wants to talk about Italy and Italians, starting with fashion. Every week, there will be interviews with celebrities of cinema and television who will tell us what is best for them.”
– “COOK 40”: The second season of the program hosted by Alessandro Greco, for those who love “slow food” and conviviality, but do not have much time to devote to the kitchen. He will return on Saturday morning at 11.15am
– “At eight at three”: From Monday to Friday, at 8.03, Filippo Solibello, Claudia Di Lello and Marco Ardemani will say good morning to the TV audience: “We come from radio and want to combine the worlds of TV and radio. “We will try to give good reasons to get out of bed.”

By Francesca Monti