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Never buy these cars: you will always find yourself in the workshop | Here is the official list

Buying a car is never easy considering that even if we want to buy a used car, economic expenses are always important. There are many details to consider, from handling to vehicle habitability, and from safety to multimedia functions. In short, before buying a car, it is a good idea to consider all the options available to you. But which models should be completely avoided?

Today we are bombarded from all sides, on all platforms, with advertisements for all kinds of cars. Commercials describe themselves as incredible pieces of modern engineering, and big words are lost to talk about the performance and the different features available for each model. However, what marketing tends to overlook is a whole series of flaws and malfunctions with which motorists will find themselves facing.

So how can we not be deceived when we buy a new or used car? In the case of new cars, you have to take some precautions, you clearly do not trust the loud data of advertisements but you always prefer the opinion of those who use a particular model of car every day. Only in this way can you get an impartial opinion of the broker. But what cars should you avoid when considering a new purchase?

Completely avoid these models, the official list

The first car we’ll be talking about is the Relant Robin. In fact, this is now a classic car with the end of its production in 1981. The main feature of this car was the three wheels. In fact, at the front there was one wheel that made the car, as you can imagine, quite unstable even at low speeds.

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Let’s turn to Chevrolet, which through Traverse in 2009 was bent on embodying the SUV segment in its catalog. It is unfortunate that the Reverse when it was launched had many flaws, some of which were very serious. In fact, many buyers have complained of problems with the air conditioning, seats, seat belts, and even gasoline level gauges. In short, a disaster.

Turning to German cars instead, the Volkswagen Touareg is peeping. This model has many problems and drawbacks, some of which are quite expensive. In fact, the 2007 model often had problems with the petrol pump which can cost up to 11,000 euros to repair and also to the EPC warning lamp with spending 5,000 euros.

The Mini Cooper also ends up on this list. This small English car was in fact the focus of many complaints from customers, who reported as many or less serious problems with the engine. According to some statistics, first and second year models present approximately 17 serious problems. A cheap car for sure, but with maintenance it’s not anymore.

Finally, the last on our list is another German, the Mercedes-Benz GL. This car, first launched in 2006, was planned for the luxury class of the Mercedes catalog. However, the numerous problems and delays that production experienced forced to submit a final model that was not 100% ready. Many customers have reported that among the many problems that have been reported is that the seat heating system can catch fire.