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Tax wedge, government study cut: Urso's proposal

Tax wedge, government study cut: Urso’s proposal

I was Adolfo UrsoThe Italian Minister of Companies and Industries, reassures the President of Confindustria: «Il Cut to the tax wedge There will be, but you can’t do everything at once. ” One of the Meloni government’s goals is to gradually raise wages. To announce the measure being considered by Executive Minister Urso, stating that the tax peg cut will continue Two-thirds of the worker and for one-third of the company. The Minister responded to the Confindustria President’s concerns Carlo Bonomi On the rise in inflation and electricity and gas prices, which is an emergency situation faced by all companies. “The urgency we have is to devote all resources to expensive bills, to pay great attention to public finances, and to make important interventions in the matter of work, the first of which is to reduce the tax wedge,” the industrialists demand. According to Bonomi, the government must find resources within public spending: “It is possible to reduce taxes, by reshaping 4-5% of more than a trillion public spending and restoring nearly 50-60 billion to intervene.” Orso asserts that the government is already working “to do what is possible and chart the course: we must raise wages and we will do so gradually, only by raising wages will it be possible to stimulate work.”

Cover photo: ANSA / Angelo Carconi

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