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Pensions: Work is being done to provide incentives for those who delay exit – small and medium businesses

Windows for early exit (eg at 62 or 63 with an appropriate minimum number of years of contributions) but also incentives for those who decide to stay with a pay increase of up to 10%. This is the premise that the Ministry of Finance is working on with regard to pensions, according to Corriere della Sera.

According to the newspaper: “The worker who has accumulated requirements can choose to stay on the basis of very specific incentives: if he continues to work, the employee and the employer stop paying contributions and part of these amounts enters the paycheck as a net salary increase (for example, about 10 %).

“The company can enjoy lower total labor costs, and the employee earning a higher salary. Then retirement is based on contributions accrued until the time the employee chooses that option, not counting seniority. In the past few years of motivating work.” However, this system will in any case provide for a penalty for those who decide to retire before the age of 67 compared to the total amount of the allowance offered.

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