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Nerazzurri Scudetto concert programme

Nerazzurri Scudetto concert programme

Derby destination: The disappointment of the Milan fans, the joy of the Inter fans that cannot be contained. For the first time the Serie A title has been awarded during City's match at the San Siro, but for those who have to watch their rivals celebrate, this could be a defeat too great. Not by chance, There were a good number of Rossoneri fans who left the stadium at the beginning of the second half. Immediately after Thuram's second goal which – in effect – closed the score in a game dominated by Inzaghi's team.

Gul Akerbi: From the danger of exclusion to glory

Great enthusiasm for the arrival of the two teams, especially Inter. But Milan fans believe it, and being satisfied with the “postponement” of the cousins’ party is an achievement that is considered possible on the eve of that. But as the minutes passed,The road is becoming increasingly arduous for Pioli's men, especially after Acerbe – single-handedly – gave Inter the lead from a corner kick.. Namely, Acerbe, the person who was not even supposed to play in the last few days in case he was excluded in the now well-known case of alleged racist insults against Juan Jesus.

Derby, Milan fans are on the run after 0-2 Thuram

Specifically, after Thuram's second goal, the exodus of Milan fans began. DAZN cameras mercilessly squeeze the children in the red and black scarf in tears, while only Inter fans can now be heard from the corners. “Pioli is on fire,” the sarcastic chorus of the Nerazzurri ultras. And there is no shortage of replicas that cannot be reported Milan fans who at the beginning of the match distributed a leaflet containing a very nasty insult: “Inter are like Juve.”

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Derby, Tomori tries to crash the party

The last half hour could barely be seen. Smoke bombs emanating from both corners create a blurry effect that disturbs the vision of the matchmaker who also appears to have little to say. Milan fails to upset Inter At least until Tomori's goal, which adds flavor to the lively final minutes. Nerazzurri supporters are suffering and preparing for the party, in Milan and in every corner of Italy. The second star's tricolor, which he had enjoyed for several weeks, became a reality at the end of a match that suddenly became tense in the final minutes.

Unknown rain during Inter's Scudetto celebration

Speaking of celebrations, we have to deal with the unknown weather. Rain is also expected in Milan on Tuesday and Wednesday, before the start of the derby, and Inter management sources have made this clear The team's planned open-top bus display is likely to be postponed until the end of the week. However, there will be time to celebrate, as there are five more days left until the end of Serie A. The important thing is not to be distracted and not to act like the footballer Klaudense, who ended up with his head under the bridge during the celebrations of the historic promotion in C.

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