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Natalie Caldonazzo "Calm Down With This Food, Seems...Original" / New Slip and Risk of Disqualification?

Natalie Caldonazzo “Calm Down With This Food, Seems…Original” / New Slip and Risk of Disqualification?

sad moment Natalie Caldonazzo Inside the Casa del Grande Frateello Vip Hotel. After living days with the specter of disqualification hovering over her after a sentence that could certainly be avoided was issued on the title Jessica Selassie More generally, from the family of Ethiopian princesses, the protagonists of this version of the reality show Canale 5. Despite the numerous complaints carried out by the direction of the Mediaset format, it appeared that the words that created the scandal and made the contestants themselves discuss, with the former star Bagaglino herself admitting guilt, will be It has a connection to the world of thefts and will contain a clear reference to Jessica’s father and sisters who are currently imprisoned.

Nathalie is saved from elimination on Thursday, February 24th when she leaves home after five months Katia Ricciarelliand undoubtedly would like to leave behind this slip, having escaped – at least apparently – from the danger of exclusion, so much so that he said in a conversation with his roommate Antonio Medogno: “Let’s not talk about it, because then they say don’t go on, rightly so…”. It is a pity that Caldonazzo, soon after, putting him in front of Achilles Lauro, “fell in love with him again” …

Natalie Caldonazzo, slip into GF VIP: “Calm down with this food, looks like…”

Just as she was lying on the bed next to her Medognogivina, about a dialogue referring to the culinary products found at Casa del GF Vip, asserted: “Anyway, cool off with this food… it looks really… aboriginal. HATES!”. The last exclamation point is connected with the fact that she became immediately aware of the innumerable linguistic gaffe that had just been committed, to the point that she soon said after “enough”as if to expel more dangers and controversies.

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For Natalie Caldonazzo, there was also a moment DiscomfortDuring which he said: “I don’t even want to be like this… They drive me crazy here. There’s a silly evil. I know I’m strong, but there are moments… I can’t stand it anymore and I don’t want to be here. I don’t care to be here”.

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