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Big Brother, no action for Paolo after Naples rulings.  Signorini’s reaction

Big Brother, no action for Paolo after Naples rulings. Signorini’s reaction

There is no script and no risk of nominating Paolo Masella, the young butcher who in recent days has ended up at the center of controversy due to some of his considerations about Naples and its “lack of culture”. During the Big Brother live broadcast on Friday, September 15, Alfonso Signorini’s reaction arrived.

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Big Brother, no action for Paolo after Napoli’s statements. Alfonso Signorini’s reaction (Photo from Endemol Shine Italy press office)

Nothing but a storm

A slap and nothing more. This is how Alfonso Signorini rebuked Paolo in good faith, live on air, after thinking about Naples. «Paolo, you know that I adore you but I carry Naples in my heart and you cannot say that it does not contain any beauty because I get angry. “You can’t put Rome first and then Florence. Beauty is everywhere.”


Phrases about Naples

In recent days, Paolo Masella, speaking to other Big Brother contestants, said: “For my taste, Naples is not even in the top five because it has so little culture. Cultural history in the artistic sense. I am speaking for myself and not generally in the sense that I will tell you Rome, and after Rome, Florence and Venice.”

These sentences sparked indignation on the Internet and a reaction also from Massimiliano Varese, who immediately confirmed: “But we are not joking. Naples is one of the most cultural cities in Italy.”

Last updated: Friday 15 September 2023 at 10.59pm

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