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NASA, Colors of Space - Faith and Reason

NASA, Colors of Space – Faith and Reason

Inclusion and Space Research: A NASA Color Space Video.

This new video from the US Space Agency talks about space research and inclusion, which tells “the personal stories of seven current and former black astronauts, each selected to join NASA’s team of astronauts and train for space missions.”

These are Stephanie Wilson, Victor Glover and Janet Epps, current NASA astronauts; Leland Melvin, Bernard Harris, Robert Corbem and Bobby Satcher are retired astronauts. In this first event to see them reunited they tell us about their space travels and the reasons why they chose this special and complex profession. The panel discussion was hosted and moderated by NASA Johnson Space Center Administrator Vanessa Weicy, the first black woman to lead a NASA center.

Women and men who, according to NASA, “chose to achieve the impossible, to overcome barriers and to make way for others to follow.” NASA invites viewers to “convince them with the extraordinary stories of perseverance, courage, and motivation of the agency’s most honored heroes.” And to discover “their way, their inspirations, their experiences in space, the importance of representation, the meaning of Juneteenth and much more.”

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  • Producer: Jury Keats
  • Editors: Jury Keats and Sonnet Apple
  • Credits: NASA



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