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A brain tumor heals but... an inexplicable transformation - Libero Quotidiano

A brain tumor heals but… an inexplicable transformation – Libero Quotidiano

He found out he has a file cancer to me brain In 2014, after losing consciousness prompted him to undergo an MRI. Eight years later, this 54-year-old has been cured: excellent news, accompanied by the extraordinary fact, that he has become left. This is a strange case, which Italian scientists studied in detail, and published their ideas in the journal Cortez.

54 years always right But, although no motor damage was reported, he became left-handed after the tumor, or in any case uncommon. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Padua and the local hospital and coordinated by Konstantinos Privetis. “90% of the population is right-handed – according to the note from the university – that is, limb use is primarily involved in the left hemisphere of the brain, but more than a clear distinction can be said that what drives us to use one limb rather than another is the presence of dedicated brain circuits Make us aware of our actions.”

“The patient suffers from a neuropsychiatric disorder called motor neglect – explained Privets – in which spontaneous intentions to act through the opposite end of the brain lesion (in this case the dominant right) fail. Sure, the right hand is determined by genes, but it’s something that must be constantly updated by brain circuits that activate motor activities. If brain circuits are affected by an injury, a genetically right-handed person can become left-handed/unfamiliar, as we observed in the studied case.”

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