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22.27 – Tuesday 06 December 2022

(The following text is completely taken from the press note sent to Al Rai Agency) –

SUPERTRENTO is a participatory pathway of surface design that has been liberated by the underground tracks between Filzi Square and Muse in a co-operative way. It is an agreement signed between the municipal administration and the community to promote the dissemination of information and the involvement of citizens regarding the ongoing changes, to envision the upcoming city and build its vision.

Burying the stretch of railway from Filzi Square to the Muse is one of the most extensive yet complex urban planning operations Trento has ever seen. The potential consequences are really far-reaching: landfilling could expand inter-urban connections, expand public spaces, reuse buildings, create new multimedia nodes, improve ecological networks, graft new jobs into peripheral regions, and create new urban centers.

road. Collaborative planning recognizes roles and responsibilities to everyone involved and aims to make complex content accessible, facilitate the development of new perspectives and mediate comparison between different viewpoints. The path lasts a year, and is divided into several stages. It expects, as of January 2023, the participation of every subject that wants to participate in the project (citizens and towns interested in the future of the city, third sector bodies, committees, trade associations, professional bodies, companies …). For this reason, open thematic meetings will be organized in May and June dedicated to analyzing the current situation, mapping out projects and prospects, and comparing them with other experiences. In September and October, we will move into additional labs to jointly design new urban scenarios and guidelines that will form the basis for future planning phases of the de-lane area.

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The track will encourage the creation of side activities to draw attention to specific spaces and areas of the city. Citizens will also be involved through the website and social networks.

The SUPERTRENTO laboratories will have an important and symbolic location: it is the former Atesina building, a building that has been “abandoned” for years and in search of a new identity, which will not be productive, but social, cultural and in any case innovative.

Thematic meetings. The thematic meetings of SUPERTRENTO mainly pursue three goals: to inform and share the current situation and current projects related to the different themes, to encounter experiences from other contexts, and to participate in building a common outline of expectations.

They are organized with collaborative and horizontal methodologies that favor the participation of individuals and at the same time more organized organizations. The aim is to build a society capable of dealing with complex questions about the evolution of issues related to mobility, living, working, doing business, well-being, cultural and creative production and production.

A city’s livability is measured on the basis of its ability to provide services, meeting places, and stimulating spaces for people with different needs, capabilities, and visions. For this reason, imagining the city of the future together means first of all analyzing and understanding together what can make Trento the best city to live, study, work and build new relationships. Because a city, before it is a collection of built spaces, is a dynamic collection of places that allow meeting, living, individual and collective growth, and the exchange and sharing of resources.

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The thematic SUPERTRENTO meetings, organized in May and June 2023, propose discussions on different themes, thanks to the contribution of witnesses from other contexts, and the development of a common vision that looks at the city as a whole.

Mobility, Communication, Multimedia. What are the current mobility networks and how do we get around the city? How do stations evolve and what does multimedia mean? Will people continue to prefer the car?

Residence, work and company. How will the spaces we live in change and where will we host the new services we need? How do you respond to the new needs of the companies that will be born? Does it still make sense to build single-purpose buildings?

Movement, lifestyles and well-being. How will the concept of well-being evolve and what lifestyles will we adopt? What sports or recreational practices will be successful? How will we use open spaces and what infrastructure will the city need? Will sports be just a competition?

Luxury, culture and creativity. How will cultural/creative production change and what spaces will it need? What role will you play and what contribution can you make to the renewal of the city? Will culture and creativity be leisure activities or work?

Additional coefficient. The additional laboratories aim to mediate the comparison between different projections, facilitate the negotiation of scenarios, and participate in the design of guidelines that will guide the design phases of the respective domains. The incremental approach anticipates, at each meeting, integrating into the scenario obtained from the previous meeting with new insights capable of improving it.

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SUPERTRENTO is a project by the Municipality of Trento implemented in collaboration with Campomarzio, a multidisciplinary architecture, urban planning, analysis and visual communication studio.