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Watch this shocking NASA video showing the Earth covered in carbon dioxide

Watch this shocking NASA video showing the Earth covered in carbon dioxide

Created by the US space agency, it helps us understand greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to Earth's global warming.

We know that human activity increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, which reduces radiation to heat in space And contribute to global warming. Although it's invisible, the flow of carbon emissions can be difficult to understand, but a recent video released by NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio can help.

Shocking video from NASA

This video shows exactly where the most greenhouse gases are released and how it changes over the course of just one year. The footage appears CO2 release in 2021, with emissions colored orange for fossil fuels, red for burning biomass, green for terrestrial ecosystems, and blue for oceans. The blue dots show where carbon is largely absorbed by ocean water and the green dots by land. Although carbon dioxide represents only 0.04% of the gases in the Earth's atmosphere, it has a significant impact in terms of spreading thermal radiation towards the surface. Current levels are just under 420 parts per million, which may seem low but is higher than it has been for millions of years. It is certainly higher than it has been at any time since humans have been on Earth.

Carbon dioxide is a terrestrial greenhouse gas
Frame of video. Source: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

Weather events

This means more extreme and frequent heatwaves, droughts, floods and storms, as well as devastating impacts on wildlife and an increased risk of pathogenic diseases on our land. Actions can still be taken to mitigate Climate changeBut the changes must be big and fast. We hope videos like these help Understand what problem we are in.

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