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Il CERTIFICATO non sarà più necessario per una categoria di persone

to stop! Certification will no longer be necessary for a class of people. Details »

Green Card: Stop! Certification will no longer be necessary for a class of people. the details

Certification will no longer be necessary for a class of peopleThere is still news about green pass. There will be real Stop at certification, but only for one class of people: To all those who, after being infected with the Coronavirus, after recovery, In fact, the certificate will arrive automatically.

The government decided that A negative antigenic or molecular smear will be sufficient to open the new green passage valid for 6 months after infection. So there will be no need for a recovery certificate Hence the intervention of the GP: A negative test result will be enough.
In fact, when you get a positive certificate, the green lane comes automatically suspended The positive person will be informed through an email or text message.

The problem is that the procedure for unlocking any green lane is still in place related to vaccination and forIssuance of the new certificate related to recoveryIt was not yet immediate: a pass to a general practitioner was required, who, on the basis of a negative test, issued a recovery document and filed a notification on the national platform.
Only after this step through the Io app, or other available channels, was it possible to download the new green certificate.

For this reason, in view of the commitment that January 10 As reported by the newspaper RepublicThe executive branch has simplified the procedure. Identification that the negative swab clearly proves that the examination was carried out according to the specified times Valid for purposes of obtaining a certificate of healing.

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The Ministry of Health, together with Sogei, the ICT company controlled by the Ministry of Economy, has freed general practitioners from Pressure from hundreds of patients daily who lobbied for the release of the New Green Corridor ProjectAnd to issue another document, the actual cancellation of at least one step for immediate action.
At the end of each day, the system will then make a file Check the negatives and send the digital certificate to everyone of successful recovery. The new green corridor should also suffice for medical professionals to return to the office, even if managers can still request ASL document or family doctor Witness the healing.