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Great weather until December 20th.  Snow, hail and frost

Great weather until December 20th. Snow, hail and frost

The most tumultuous part of this month comes from December, which has not yet betrayed expectations as a wintery month. Perhaps this is partly due to the effect of nina (anomalous cooling of tropical Pacific waters), which is most intense in the last 20-30 years and peaked in December.

Immaculate Conception

Rainy weather in the center in the afternoon and then in the evening throughout the North Centre. It was cold in the north, with a maximum temperature of 7-8 degrees. A bit cold even in the central and Tyrrhenian regions, with an altitude not exceeding 3-12 degrees. Temperatures of 15-17 degrees in Puglia, Lucania, Calabria, Islands.

the cold

Winter cold prevails with numerous incursions of polar air, especially between December 12 and 20. In this period a maximum of about 5 °C in the north; Frosts are between December 12th and 16th. Maximum temperatures between 5-10°C in the middle, frost on December 12th and 13th. In the south, temperatures rise to minus 15°C and minus 10°C on December 13th and 14th. Sardinia has a maximum of 14 degrees Celsius. A slight thermal rise in Centrosud between December 14th and 16th.


Wed 7 rain in the center. On December 8, it rained from the evening in the North Center. on 9 December at Centronord also strong; Rains also over Campania Apulia, Sardinia. On December 10, it rained everywhere, even torrential. On December 11th, it rains everywhere except the northwest regions. On December 12, it rained in the central south. On December 14th, it rains almost everywhere. The rainy phase should last until at least December 20.

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Snow falls even on the plains

on December 9th Snow falls to a lower elevation in the Alps and also in the lower Piedmont region. December 10th Snow in the Alps and Tuscan-Emilian Apennines above 1200-1400 metres. On December 11th Snow in the middle east of the Alps to the bottom of the valley. On December 12, light snow fell on the Adriatic side of the central and northern Apennines. The December 14th Snow falls in the Alps to the bottom of the valley, but also in the plains of Piedmont, Lombardy and Piacenza. Snow falls on the Tyrrhenian side from the Apennines to Calabria and at medium altitudes. The possibility of snow at very low altitudes will continue through at least December 20.

NB. Snow is one of the most difficult phenomena to predict because an error of just 0.5°C is enough to predict the temperature near the ground, for the snow to melt about 50 meters before it reaches the ground.

Article source: Colonel Mario Giuliaci