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Post closes pipelines on private superannuation.  M5S: "The Giorgetti Report in the Classroom"

Post closes pipelines on private superannuation. M5S: “The Giorgetti Report in the Classroom”

Partner is called: from Ministry of Economy It vehemently denies any involvement in this action Italian postIt decided a day later to stop buying on Monday, November 7 Tax credits created works by Energy efficiency Provided by Superbonus. Still, these are companies with indirect and direct holdings, accounting for more than 64% of the ministry’s share. Minister GiorgettiThe move sounded like a slap in the face to building demands heard by the state and its affiliates. Confidence signal. All this was communicated on the product page of the post website with two brief lines explaining how the purchase of credits was suspended until a later date, noting that the decision would not affect procedures already started.

God forbid, some might say. There is little justification for the Post to do what the country’s biggest companies have been doing for some time, because the Post’s purchase is tantamount to being a company. Government property, are very different from banks. The latter have mainly built and sold gods Renovation LoansGuaranteed first and paid for through tax credits created thereby Construction work. Instead, Post has essentially purchased first-rate receivables directly from the owner of the restructuring and deduction. Now the twist, and closer to closingfinancial yearIt is a blow to those hastily closing down construction sites to avoid being bogged down after the clearance rate looks set to drop from 110 to 90 percent.

Just behavior State subsidiaries Finished with builders visionReed He warned against “crazy speculation” to the detriment of companies, which he said was born precisely of the tightening of the purse strings practiced by public companies. The problem in this case is not absorptive capacity, the association denounces, but political will. As a result, more borrowers do it A very low percentageBusiness frustration“: If earlier 110% loan was purchased at an average of 102%, now it reaches 85%.

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“We have been asking for release of all public subsidiaries for some time. We need a sign of trust, without destroying thousands of companies,” the builders’ leader, besides the post, further nurtures. Cassa Deposit and Prestity. The situation seems more complicated for smaller companies C.N.A They ask that a table be called urgently to find a solution. Verification is also requested by ConfediliciaIt provides an in-depth analysis before another new changes.

Post, which has a total of tens of thousands of credits, has stopped buying from businesses for nearly a year and is now closing the pipeline to private individuals with smaller loans. 100,000 and 150,000 euros. This action may be a result of recent actions Judgments of the Supreme Court The person who ordered the forfeiture of the construction bonus sold believed that the account invoices for the works represented activities that did not actually exist. In other words, designed summer compensation doesn’t work.

It is true that this decision of the postal department has put the interested parties on the edge of their seats. Francesco SilvestriThe head of the M5S group in the chamber spoke of a “very serious” decision and asked the economy minister, Giancarlo GiorgettiTo report back to the classroom during the discussion on the update to the document on Economics and Finance (Nadef) “We consider it unacceptable that a publicly controlled company like the Post does not contribute to the circulation essential to the implementation of the concessions – he underlines -. Let’s remember that tens of thousands of companies are at risk of closure if the mechanism does not return to its full functionality.

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