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Milan, The Latest Generation Blitz on the Renaissance: “Ecological Collapse”

Milan, The Latest Generation Blitz on the Renaissance: “Ecological Collapse”

“We inform our dear customers that the eco-social collapse is underway”, “The offer to stay within 1.5 degrees is low, the urgency”, “Come with us to talk about the climate collapse that awaits us”: these were used. Today by Ultima Generazione, it invited people who like to shop inside the shopping center to come out and join the assembly. In Piazza Duomo, placards were displayed with phrases such as “Pause your shopping, climate collapse is underway”, “The society we love is reborn” and “We are risking our future”. “Today we are here at Rinascente to remind people that the climate crisis continues in this pre-Christmas shopping frenzy, to remind people that these actions can be interrupted for moments to help build something like a citizenry. Despite the mockery of governments promoting climate denial, we are a congregation to remind us that we are the power,” An activist explained.

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Another blitz of environmentalists was organized today in a famous and popular Milanese warehouse. About ten young people decided to draw attention and give shape to a new demonstration action of a group fighting climate change in the world. The protest took the form of throwing confetti and eco-themed flyers directly from the corridors of the Renaissance and chanting with a megaphone amid the festively lit windows. “Let's remember we are the power, despite the antics of governments promoting climate denial,” chanted environmentalists, so they were thwarted by police intervention.