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Newborn baby left in Paris church's warming cradle – News

Newborn baby left in Paris church's warming cradle – News

A new-born baby was left at 7.20am this morning in the thermal cradle of the Church of St John the Baptist in the Poggiofranco district of Bari. Paris priest Don Antonio Ruscia took it into his own hands. His cell phone rang.
The baby, who was born a few days ago, is in good health and has now been admitted to the neonatology department of Barry Polyclinic for examination.
The crib, which has been in place since 2014, was used for the first time three years ago in July, when a baby, later baptized as Luigi, was left behind by his parents. Next to him was a note on the boy's habits.

“This time, compared to three years ago, it was worse in terms of excitement and joy: my heart began to flutter when I heard my cell phone ring alerting me that there was something in the thermal cradle. That boy, a few days before Christmas, our Lord gave me a gift. : It's like I came back to the world.” Don Antonio Ruscia, priest of the parish dedicated to St. John the Baptist in Bari, told ANSA that a newborn baby girl was left behind this morning. Next to the entrance to the church, there has been a thermal cradle for almost ten years, where Don Antonio's newborns could not be kept by their natural parents. “The girl was crying like a maniac – continues the parish priest – she was wearing a green dress, a pink dress and a hat”. “There was nothing else next to her: no ticket, no change”, Don Antonio recalls what happened when the baby, born in July 2020, was left in the cradle for the first time. “Then there was a note next to him, on which was written his name and other information about his health. This time there was nothing,” he says.

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The baby born this morning in the warm cradle of the parish of San Giovanni Battista in the Poggiofranco district of Bari will be called Maria Gracia. “When the Carabinieri asked me what I wanted to call her, I answered Maria Gracia. I believe the Madonna will be with this boy for the rest of her life,” says parish priest Don Antonio Ruscia, who welcomed her into his arms. The baby seems to have been very wisely left in the cradle. “Not even the door of the building overlooking the room with the cradle was noticed,” reports the priest, “For two days I saw the cradle open. It could mean everything or nothing, but I imagine their courage and pain. The one who left the little girl behind.” According to procedure, Don Antonio has filed a complaint and the Juvenile Court will be alerted.

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