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Milan and Pioli win after Cardinale's words: Ibrahim's tribute and dry response to Leao Primabagina

Milan wins but is not convincing. He scored the three points in Friday evening's match against Lazio in Rome They are not enough to calm a tense environment. Obviously, the fiery, controversy-filled ending doesn't help Three red cards were waved by Di Bello in the faces of Pellegrini, Marosic and Guendouzi. With the referee's whistle at the end of the match, the players of the two teams, who cannot be seen by the cameras, face each other face to face. In the middle of the field, but fortunately nothing serious happened.


Tense atmosphere – Stefano Pioli heads towards the changing rooms and meets Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is on the sidelines: the two greet each other with a handshake. There seems to be some coldness emanating from the body language, but perhaps that is just an impression. The Milan coach then appears in front of journalists' microphones, first on television and then in a press conference. where He defends Pulisic from accusations of lack of sportsmanship and responds dryly to a question about Leao: “Have you thought about replacing him? No.” At this point he gets up and leaves.


Head to Europe – The moment is sensitive, and it will be sensitive for any other coach in his position. Owner Jerry Cardinale's words resonate as confirmation of a change in the bench at the end of the season. The coach responded by winning the match and moving to just one point above second place in the standings occupied by JuventusExpected from a Sunday evening flight to Naples. Now in his head thereEuropean League: Empoli arrives at San Siro between the two-legged match of the round of 16 against Slavia Prague. He wouldn't be there for the occasion Leao was ruled out of the tournament after receiving a late yellow card at the Olimpico. Pioli knows that to win the cup he will need the Portuguese striker, perhaps in a surplus version as against Atalanta, much more in the game compared to the disappointing performance against Lazio.

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