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DS is launching three special editions

DS is launching three special editions

Salute to aviation – For three models of s (Small Crossover 3, Compact 4, and Medium SUV 7) comes a new and advanced version dedicated to Antoine de Saint Exupéry (French aviator writer, author of “The Little Prince”, one of the world bestsellers.) Applications begin on the first of next June. Each model is also available in one dyed (a kind of dark blue, as in the pictures) is called “Night Flight” and is also taken up in alloy wheels, while the seats and dashboard are covered in fabric Brown nappa leather. The interior and exterior logos and door sills contain quotes linked to the stars taken from the author’s books, signature and drawing. He calls a plane Single engine. A certificate in the name of the star will be presented to the first 80 European customers.

The little one is electric too – the DS 3 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (In the two pictures above), inspired by the book “The Little Prince”, is highlighted by the logos on the front doors. The door sills bear the phrase “For those who travel, the stars are guides” and feature a drawing of the author while inside satin stitching traces the lines of a shooting star. Four engines: there are versions 1.2 Turbo 131 hp petrol engine (36,050 euros), 1.2 Mild hybrid Yes 136 CV (37,550 euros), 1.5 diesel From 131 hp (38,000 euros) and electric (156 hp, 46,050 euros).

The average exists with two types of hybrid cars – the DS 4 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Pictured above) Inspired by the first book published by the author: “Corriere del Sud”. On the door sills of the front doors we find the inscription “The stars tell us true distances” while the front seats are heated, massaged and ventilated. Here are the engines 1.2 turbo gasoline (131 CVs, €43,700) S Mild hybrid (136 hp, 45,150 euros); the 1.6 Turbo Hybrid Gasoline 224 hp (54,600 euros) and 1.5 turbodiesel Yes 131 CV (45,150 euros).

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The SUV is also all-wheel drive – the DS 7 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Pictured above) Contains the author’s saying, “It is the path of dialogue between us and the stars.” Among the features are a fully leather-covered steering wheel and sound-absorbing windows. Three hybrid cars 1.6 petrol, 224 hp and front-wheel drive (€59,100), or 300 (€64,200) or 360 hp (€68,800), all-wheel drive and 4×4 1.5 turbodiesel 131 hp 2WD (€50,250).