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uefa euro 2021 il vocabolario del calcio in spagnolo

Euro 2021: Football Vocabulary … in Spanish

But can fans really call themselves experts?

day يوم Friday 11 June For many football fans and sports lovers in general, back to normal because The Italian national team faced the Turkish national team for the start of the European Championship. Then there were matches Wales vs Switzerland, Denmark vs Finland, Belgium vs Russia, England vs Croatia and so on and so on.

date for it, that European Nations Cup 2021, who waited as a guest of honor and made headlines even among those who don’t follow the world of football or the world of sports in general. From official advertisements to advertisements for various products, such as potato chips or soft drinks to enjoy the games, come on Youtube Ed in the television Everything this past week was about football.

Watched by fans from all over Europe, but also from all over the world,The global significance of the game From the ball, they are ready to support their favorite team and champions of all time by donning the colors they will also wear once they hit the pitch.

So, some Days filled with sports, passion and stress On the green lawn of the stadium. Dedicated channels, newspapers, magazines and key opinion leaders in the sector will be constantly available to keep fans informed of match results, player stats, commentary, etc.

But can fans really call themselves experts? Do they really know all the tricks, secrets, and jargon? Probably yes, but let’s try to change the cards a bit and “set” the language of football to Spanish. How much is left?

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Certainly, those who diligently follow true “swarms” like real Madrid or theF.C.BHe will also find himself more fortunate because, most likely, he also follows the bombers on social networks, and thus already knows some of their slang or language.

But if anyone wants to learn one of football’s favorite languages, after Portuguese spoken in Brazil or English in the UK, what should they do? The answer is very clear Take part or take some of the Spanish lessons دروس He refers to his teacher with his special needs for learning and using the language in question.

The problem is that attending a special course or appropriate school can be very expensive and not very “flexible” when compared to different obligations and needs. What do you do next? Sure, go to some Apps like Babbel or Duolingo It’s a good alternative, but why not make things better?

for you Spanish AthleteOr even for everyday or business use, it’s best to choose a student-specific service like Preply. On the portal, just select the various items from the drop-down menus and indicate the language you want to learn, the hourly rate we want to spend, the country of origin of the private teacher and our time availability.

It’s enough click pochiSo, to immediately start learning Spanish, or any other language you want Simple, fun and practical!