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Barbara D’Urso, romantic sunset stroll: “Like two boyfriends”


Barbara d’Urso, walking at sunset –

Barbara d’Urso is enjoying summer with a romantic sunset picnic with her very young “boyfriend”.

Mediaset’s departure was a blow to Barbara D’Ursoleft without plans and replaced by Pierre Silvio Berlusconi with my colleague Mirta Merlino at the helm of Pomeregio Cinque.

A real stab at the anchor who, after giving an interview across the river in which she explained her version of the facts, decided to continue enjoying the summer by documenting everyone on social media.

And on his Instagram Live profile, he shared a video showing himself at sunset, on the beach, With the person who could be her “boyfriend”.

Barbara D’Urso at sea with …

On vacation with a group of friends, Barbara D’Urso decided to enjoy summer, relax and smile. After sharing a series of snaps of her alongside her little group, the former host of Afterron Five posted: sunset video, along with the person she identifies herself with as her potential “boyfriend”. Both dressed in orange, and used to flaunting matching looks in a totally casual manner, Barbara d’Urso and Creative Director Niccolo Sirioni are bound by a deep friendship and great respect.

On the beach together on vacation, the two had a fun and relaxing moment at sunset, and with a glass of white wine in hand, they joked on social media. “We left the different rooms and it was like this: I am blue and you are blue, orange and orange… and tomorrow? Who knows! Look at that sea!” Let’s go into the sunset like an engaged couple!”, the presenter and creator joked, and then, one way or another, posted a few screenshots together.

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“stab” Mediaset

Despite the smile, Barbara d’Urso’s recent holidays leave a bad taste in the mouth. After leaving the scene from Mediaset, the presenter remained attached to the company of Pier Silvio Berlusconi until the end of December, although she felt grateful to the latter. Dominant sentiments? The pain is accompanied by panic and anger. What hurts me the most is that they didn’t let me greet my audience,” she said in an interview with Republica.

Leaving Mediaset at home after 15 years of working together, D’Urso added:They hurt me deeply: He made this decision without telling me anything and without giving me the opportunity to say goodbye to the viewers. Fabio Fazio walked away and saluted everyone, like Serena Bortone. I can’t thank anyone. And the press release: I didn’t agree to anything, they left me at home in a few days.


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