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Raimundo Todaro was caught red-handed with the beautiful girl, unpublished photos show: she is more sensual than Toca

Raimundo Todaro was caught red-handed with the beautiful girl, unpublished photos show: she is more sensual than Toca

Raimundo Todaro, the dancer who was caught with someone who is not his wife. Women are more sensitive than Touka.

That he chose to leave, after so many years of great collaboration, was certainly very admirable. Court of Mille Carlucci. In fact, he worked with her as a dancer and teacher on several editions of the magazine Dancing with the stars Then as choreographer for singer Masked. If he made that choice it would have been to get to the competition.

In particular achieved Maria De Filippi Where the feeling is more than clear. He's been playing this role for years now trainer From dancing to Amici. Among other things, last season, to his immense joy, he saw his students victorious during the highly watched final match. Mattia ZenzolaWith whom he also remained on excellent terms.

but Raymundo is also talked about a lot in his private life. If he had indeed decided to come and work for the Widow Costanzo, it was with the specific goal of conquest His beautiful wifeAnd for which there was a tide. I witnessed contact with the student Valentin Dumitru Which was short-lived.

Raimundo Todaro, caught red-handed with a beautiful girl

Queen Mary Thus he played Cupid and little by little the two became increasingly closer to the great joy of their fans. And even more than that The couple also had a daughter. Let's talk about the small and the great Jasmine She was clearly the happiest ever to see her parents together again.

They seemed so coherent that they even thought about it Expand their family furtherEven without rushing. However, there was talk over the summer of a potential new relationship crisis filled with huge arguments. Now some photos have been published showing Raymundo in the company of a woman who is not his wife.

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Sarah and Raymondo's travel directions

With Sarah Arfawi, but in the past

This is a professor legacy Sara Arfaoui. However, it appears that the two dated during the period when the dancer was temporarily dating each other He separated from his wife years ago. So no betrayal. Among other things, he himself, not even in his various country hosted very rightAnd he never talked about it.

Just like her, to be honest, Divine Francesca Not done with Valentine. It is clear that the couple wants to put the past behind them and Live the present to the fullestWith a proactive look towards the future. This is perhaps the most attractive and important way forward and We love each other more every day.