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Maurizio Mannone, from Rai to Parks: “I no longer acknowledge public service.”

Maurizio Mannone, from Rai to Parks: “I no longer acknowledge public service.”

Maurizio Mannone says he has become a “regular visitor to the gardens.” Where he takes his granddaughter after his deportation. But the historic host of Rai3’s Linea Notte programme, who is today on enforced leave until his retirement, examines what Viale Mazzini has become with a mixture of remorse and bewilderment. “As a spectator I can say that I find it difficult to acknowledge public service. Like me, many of the people I meet ask me: What is happening?,” he tells Giovanna Vitale, who interviewed him today. Republic. What fascinates him is “the disappointment and discontent of a large section of the public.”


The host explains that “it is a process that has not begun now, but it seems that the current leaders have exacerbated it.” Loyalty is a long and complicated process: It may seem easy to cut ties with hosts and shows that have their own identity, following, and appeal — remove some things that were there before and put in something else, paying attention only for the sake of political loyalty, but you risk a lot.” “But before, for better or worse, some spaces were preserved: Rai3, even under Berlusconi, continued to exist despite thousands of difficulties,” adds Mannone, adding that the subdivision itself is not new. “Now what remains?” Yes, There is the Tg3 which still has a streak and independence, but little else.”

The competition

According to Mannone, this ultimately favors the competition: “If you no longer offer an interesting product to a segment of the audience, which among other things is most associated with rai music, and this audience moves elsewhere, then this is a problem.” The host refers in particular “to that part of Rai3 that no longer exists,” without naming names. In general, the way of describing reality that has characterized the public service for so many years seems to have died out. It is his duty to provide an alternative to the viewer, the possibility of listening to daily events – starting with politics – in their various aspects, cultures, and ways of thinking and reasoning. The attempt to unify television with one idea has already begun and is now complete.”

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Mentana, Flores, Puro, Vespa

To escape, Mannone recommends watching “Mentana, Floris, or even Porro.” “In Rai, with the exception of Vespa, we rarely see anything non-standard, hosts with great personalities.” While in the news “there is a flatness that listeners realize and therefore change the channel. Now there are so many sources of information that you quickly lose your audience.” For Manoni, “You can also change, as long as you present a new narrative with the same appeal and results: if people look at you less, what you are proposing may be considered inadequate and distorted.” “If I were them, I would ask myself some questions about the choices that were made to align Ray with the government majority.”

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