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Have you ever seen Can Yaman without a beard?  He really seems like a different person

Have you ever seen Can Yaman without a beard? He really seems like a different person

For a few years now, Turkish series They began to enjoy great success in our country, and not only thanks to their convincing plots (just think about it). Bitter land, which sets records in terms of ratings almost every day), but also in terms of the undeniable beauty of its main performers. one for all Maybe, YamanWhich became one thanks to the broadcast of these dramas all over the world International star. Beautiful, handsome and with a “wild” look, the artist is also known for his long hair and well-groomed beard.

Can Yaman, this is how the Turkish actor looks without a beard: He looks like a boy

Born in 1989born in IstanbulAfter graduating in law and writing some financial articles, he decided to pursue his own book Passion for acting. His first appearance in front of the camera dates back to 2014When he was chosen to act in the drama Gonul Eşleri. However, fame came with the TV series Bittersweet – ingredients of love, In turn Aslan the woundedWhere he starred alongside him Ozge Gurel. The series proved to be a success: not only in Turkey, but also in Italy, where it was broadcast 2019.

Can Yaman (Credits IGcanyaman)

Then, between 2018 and 2019, Kahn worked with… Demet Ozdemir in DayDreamer – Dream wingsIt is the series that made him internationally known. In the wake of this success, the young man participated in the following year Mr. Wrong – Love Lessonsonce again Together with Ozge Gurel. This has enhanced its popularity, to the point that it is also in high demand for products outside Turkish borders. Today is a beautiful day, with long hair Kept loose or gathered into a bun unkempt beardAt the beginning of his career, Yaman was very different.

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Can Yaman (Facebook credits @Can Yaman Fan Italia)
Can Yaman (Facebook credits @Can Yaman Fan Italia)

From the photo posted on the Can Yaman Fan Italia Facebook page, you can see how Jan, at the beginning of his work, brought Very short cut And He didn’t have the slightest hint of a beard. a A different look for sure This made him look much younger. In the following years, he then decided to change his appearance, perhaps to make him more mature and sexy, it must be said He hit the mark!

Can Yaman, his commitments with Italian television

from 2021The actor began to appear Always oftenInitially as a guest on TV shows in our country. In the same year he photographed it Commercial for De Cecco pasta Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek side by side Claudia Geriniwhile also signing a contract to reproduce Sandokan.

Moreover, he had a small role as a waiter in God help us it is in 2022Filming began Purple like the seaa creature Channel 5 with Francesca Chilemerenewed for one the second seasonnow in production.