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Marco Damilano on Rai3 looks like one of the heroes of the series Lost

Marco Damilano on Rai3 looks like one of the heroes of the series Lost

Tuesday evening, Marco Damilano spoke aboutMigrant emergency In Lampedusa, a tragic situation of Biblical exodus: At 9 p.m., more than 4,000 people disembarked on countless fragile boats. Al Jazeera is collapsing, and the memorandum with Tunisia did not succeed, just as the memorandum with Libya did not succeed. To describe Tragedy Regarding the situation, Damilano had to communicate first with an ANSA journalist from Lampedusa, and then with a journalist from Lampedusa.“HuffPost» From Strasbourg, as if Al-Rai journalists were not present or were busy elsewhere.

Even if he would never admit it, Damilano has an air of calm He survived: As one of the heroes “Lost» Now moving to An unknown and hostile environmentThe horse has become a dragon and the building in Viale Mazzini is a brightly lit prison. He seems saved hostage We don’t know exactly who is who (we are always someone’s hostage). Sound is sound repentant, even if there is no television without atonement. The truth is in the opening episode of the new season of “The Tower and the Horse” Rai3 had invited Cardinal Matteo Maria Zupi to talk about… Peacekeeping missions In Russia, Ukraine and then in China, but also the presence of the Church in forgotten regions, such as Kivano. In his heart, those places all coincided with Viale Mazzini and its surroundings.

Damilano would like this number more resistancethe latest proponent of in-depth analysis, now that Rai has a director of in-depth analysis, now that the Bruno Vespa tape is starting up again on Rai1 and Manuela Moreno wants to be too Deeper than the sea In the ranks of the in-depth. It’s even endearing when Damilano says it.Pluralism “It is a duty of public service, and it is a right of the public.” But at least he gives us one Weak confidence In the future.

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It is not easy to attach news in the field and the comments that follow it A full breath In a story that lasts about ten minutes, also because the new Rai3 doesn’t have one yet Subtle individuality Until recently, the program had succeeded in attracting Rai3’s traditional and identity-conscious audience. Come on people, Nunzia di Girolamo is coming!