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The Sweet Scent of Love is the film’s cast, which is based on the ending where it was filmed


Sky Cinema One The movie is proposed with a title immensity. It is a dramatic movie with an emotional atmosphere.

production between Italy And France. The year of completion is 2022 and the duration is 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Phenomenal movie – direction, protagonists, where it is filmed

Directed by Emmanuel Kerales. The main heroes Clara Borghetti And Andrea (Adriana) Borghetti interpreted respectively by Penelope Cruz And Luana Giuliani. Also in the cast Vincent Amato in turn Said Borgetti.

Filmed in Italyespecially a Rome and adjacent areas in the lands Lazio.

production from wild side In cooperation with Chapter 2 And Cinema France 3.

The movie is known worldwide under the title immensity.

The blockbuster movie where it was shot

The enormity of the film’s plot aired on Sky Cinema Uno

sit here Rome some years seventyThe film follows the story of a traditional family of two unhappy couples: Clara (very upset Spanish expat) e happy (an abusive businessman who cheats on Clara with his secretary) and their children AdrianaAnd Gino And Diana.

eldest daughter Adrianaage 12, has gender dysphoria. Adriana She rejects femininity and calls herself Andrew (Mostly masculine noun in Italian). Andrew you have a crush it will be, a gypsy girl who knows him as a boy. By common sense of strangeness, Andrew And Clara They are getting closer.

The ultimate spoiler

The movie retains many twists in the latter part. Viewers will also learn about how people with gender dysphoria have been received over the years seventy.

The final mega movie

Mass: the full cast

Below is the cast of the film immensity And the characters played by the actors

  • Penelope Cruz: Clara Borghetti
  • Luana Giuliani: Andrea (Adriana) Borghetti
  • Vincent Amato: Said Borgetti
  • Elena Arvigo: Patricia
  • Maria Chiara Goretti: Diana
  • Patrick Francione: gino
  • Charles Gallo: Albert
  • Penelope Neto accounts: it will be
  • Laura Nardi: Serein
  • Valentina Sini: Josephine
  • Alfia Reale: grandmother
  • Aurora QuattrocchiClara’s mother
  • Santella India: Marie
  • Philip Bosello: Andrew
  • Francis Casisa: stalked
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