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MasterChef, a huge success for the Vietnamese finalist I wouldn’t have believed it without the broadcast

MasterChef, a huge success for the Vietnamese finalist I wouldn’t have believed it without the broadcast

Hugh land of taste

An old advertisement said, “There are no impossible dreams, all you have to do is make yourself want to win and then savor it.” This is what one competitor says Master Chef 12.

It seems the final round to Master Chef 12 It seems that she made the right decision by believing in herself and in his talent Once you enter the race. But before that, it’s a good idea to take a metaphorical leap back in time. Culinary reality show She landed on the small screen of our country already at the beginning of 2010.

Since then, she has never stopped exciting the general public by joining Sky Networks An absolute hit resounding As well as very high stock indices. At the time of the Italian version it aired very well 12 seasons And with the passage of time it is undeniable to say that many of its participants They are literally He went down in history.

This is actually not about, as already mentioned, only what is called samples, but also several other competitors, some of whom never came close to the final, who were remembered in particular for a variety of reasons. A great example in this direction is Rashida and maven Alberto NaboniK remembered competitor on From the history of reality television.

Vietnamese contestant in the finals

Attention is now focused on one competitor in particular in the 12th edition of the programme. This is Vietnamese, born in 1995. Hue Dinh Thi, with a rather strange story behind it. the girl He has traveled a lot For academic reasons, I actually graduated in International Relations in Salerno and then I got it Gentlemen in Rome.

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for him Passion for cooking flourished Taste the mozzarellawhom she immediately fell in love with and thought it best to give her real life a parallel with her course of study Passion for cookingwhich he could not advance in his country of origin. already there chefs They are seen as people of low intelligence.

The Vietnamese contestant on MasterChef 12
Hugh land of taste

What did you manage to do

great interest b Tingewhich by the way got admission into the kitchen chef With the wonderful Roald, she is an educated woman who gathers as much as possible from a culinary point of view, Italian flavors to those of her homeland. By the way that seems to have been his key Achieve success. And now She has come to cook at the Quirinale.

Especially on July 26, on the occasion of the meeting between President Mattarella and Vu Van Thung You made her wonderful Vietnamese dish. It has come to an end appetizers. Therefore the great satisfaction of Hugh who today, parallel with kitchencontinues to continue his work Project assistant.