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Paolo Bonolis provoked outrage directly, and chaos erupted: This thing should not be said - Democrat

Paolo Bonolis provoked outrage directly, and chaos erupted: This thing should not be said – Democrat

An episode that caused a major embarrassment during “The Next Other”. All this infuriated Paulo Bonolis too

Paulo Bonolis Today it represents one of the Italian TV franchises. A successful host, but also a guy who always used to give a very interesting insight into the TV scene. Over the years, Paolo’s fame has grown exponentially, which has also given him the opportunity to take part in many very special experiences, which have certainly earned him the chance to bring a very special charisma to the field.

Paulo Bonolis (web source)

A remarkable career is the career of the conductor, which began many years ago and which still considers him today one of the most influential figures on the small screen. How can we forget the beginnings of the children’s show “Bim Boom Bam” as well as other successful shows such as “Hello Darwin” or “Who Gathered Peter Pan?”. In recent months, among other things, the kind Bonolis has also been an indirect champion with a Sonia Bruganelli As a columnist for “Big Brother Vip”.

Paulo and Sonia have two personalities Very strong, And in recent months we learned to get acquainted with Bruganelli precisely through “Big Brother VIP”, even if the woman has already given several interviews in recent years, because she was engaged in the world of television as a producer. Thus, together with Adriana Volpe and the skillful direction of Alfonso Signorini, the beautiful Sonya also had the opportunity to approach the world of Paolo who remains, it must be said, independently on the crest of the wave.

‘Come to another’, Paulo Bonolis gets angry in the studio: the offensive sentence

Paulo Bonolis
Paulo Bonolis (web source)

Paolo leads another program that has become so iconic as “Avanti unaltra”, which every day keeps the company of millions of Italians in Canale 5. Together with the now historic shoulder Luca LlorenteBonolis has never lost that ability to entertain the audience with his great personality. It happens, especially with the “Next Other”, that you meet very special curtains. One of them caused a huge embarrassment in the studio.

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In fact, a careless server risked pissing off all the Mediaset. Indeed, in the publicity, the young man expressed himself in front of the cameras: “Tg1 nicknames …”. Ready for Bonolis’ exasperated answer: “But how is Tg1? But this is crazy? The conductor scolded him, with the servant then correcting himself by giving the line to Tg5. Everything, after a moment of embarrassment, melted thanks to Paolo’s usual sarcasm.